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Originally posted by hissy
raising hand- I dream about losing my teeth all the time now. For some reason after my accident in May, that is a reocurring nightmare for me. I have even been dreaming about going to dentists! EEEK! LOL
OMG! I just had a dream last night about losing my teeth! I've never had one like that before! In my dream one of my front teeth was really loose and it fell out. I looked so hideous (sp?)! I think I'm going to make a dentist appointment soon....maybe that was a sign of my teeth rotting or something!
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From http://www.sleeps.com/dictionary/ttt.html


Teeth was the most requested dream word of all so here goes... If you dream of having false teeth this indicates that you will have unexpected help on a problem. To dream of rotten teeth shows that you have been telling someone a lie or using your smooth words for getting your own way no matter what. If your teeth are rotten, crooked, and/or falling out this means that your lies are hurting someone very badly and that you will soon be found out. If you dream you have swallowed a tooth you will soon have too 'eat your words'. It becomes much easier to interpret this kind of dream if you think of teeth as representing words. When the dreamer is not the one with the bad teeth you will naturally have to watch out for someone lying to you.


teeth - Falling out: Loss of control over certain aspects of one's life. Powerlessness, unable to influence things or the outcome of things important. Loss of self-esteem in a situation or a chronic problem.
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Thats strange, the second website changed by itself. I dont know why.
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Originally posted by Debby
Hey Renae! I'm pigeon toed too!!! .... My mom made a big deal out of it when I was little and made me wear some sort of special shoes and the kids at school made fun of me and said I was wearing baby shoes, so I threw a fit and quit wearing them!
I had to wear those awful shoes as well. But, like you, it got to the point where my mom figured it wasn't worth listening to me whine about them so she let me stop wearing them. Now, my left foot is straight and my right foot turns in a little. On some days I can pop my back/hips in just the right way and my foot straightens out!!! Makes me think it is not my foot that is messed up but the alignment of my hips instead! Who knows!

The bad thing about being pigeon toed is that I trip over my feet all the time and the one time I tried to ski, I just went in circles the whole time! :laughing:
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1. I have bought over 200 cat toys.
2. I am a BIG Ford Mustang fan.
3. I love playing video games.
4. I am half Norwegian.
5. My favorite color is red.
6. I hate spiders.
7. I have a pink and purple tiger striped room, and a creamy yellow
and orange creamscicle cat room.
8. I love Heavy Metal!!
9. I hate reading novels.
10. I take 2 hour baths!
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I love 2 hour baths!
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Renae, I guess I better not try to ski!!! :laughing:

One other thing about that....the first pair of corrective shoes they bought me was when I was 5 and it had a sort of elastic brace thing that attached to the shoe (one foot only, the one they thought was turning in the most) and wrapped around my leg and attached to a harness type thing that I wore under my shirt....OMG!!! Talk about uncomfortable! it was supposed to "train" the foot to go out, not in...but one day the brace thing just disappeared. We never knew what happened to it....but years later my dad found it buried in a field....hmmmmm.....isn't that strange????? :LOL: :laughing: :LOL:

I don't think it's very noticable that I am a bit pigeon toed, noone ever mentions it and who watches peoples feet when they walk anyway??
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Here we go..

1. I am Janis Joplin. I look like her and I can sing like her. I will give you goose bumps!
2. I have 3 half brothers and a half sister. I have never met my sister.
3. I go to cemetaries and take photos. I have the proof that ghosts really do exist.
4. I own 12 evening gowns
5. I love to be the first one to put a knife into a newly opened tub of butter.
6. I'm a Daddies girl.
7. I'm 28 and still scared of the dark
8. I sleep with a blanket completely over my head except for my mouth and nose
9. I used to ride Quarter Horses
10. I'm a work-a-holic
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I would love to see those photos that ghosts exist. I love photos of that kind. I am a regular visitor of www.theshadowlands.net - where people write about their experiences about ghosts. Its very fascinating!
Like you, I am still scared of the dark, always have been since I was little.
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Try International Ghost Hunter's Society! I have all kinds of photos of orbs. I've always been interested in the supernatural. i wish I could post some photos, but sadly I don't take them with a digital camera. I have a whole photo album full of pictures.
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I've spent the last hour reading everybody else's, so here is mine to share....

1. Went to High School with Tom Dumont of NO DOUBT and Adam Keefe of the Atlanta Hawks, Utah Jazz and Golden State Warriors. Adam took our high school to a state championship!

2. I want to take a Hearse and turn it into a limo. (For when Rob Zombie comes to town!)

3. Favorite author growing up was Beverly Cleary (Ramona the Pest). Come to find out she lives right here in Portland! (I grew up in CA)

4. I am a closet Barry Manilow and Michael Jackson fan. (Oh, and I like John Tesh's music)

5. Don't want kids now, too used to my independence. (Hope that doesn't screw up a future relationship)

6. Speaking of dreams, anybody have what I call "Story Dreams"? It is where you have a dream where each dream is a chapter in the whole dream. You go a year or more before you dream the next chapter. I had a story dream from 1976 through about 1981. You might also call it a "Progressive dream".

7. My middle name is Richard. My first name is Keith and, No, I'm not a fan of the Rolling Stones.

8. I collect shot glasses, casino chips and old cameras/projectors.

9. I am heavily freckled but I have blond hair. Not strawberry blond.

10. I am opposite my sister. She graduated with honors in HS and College. I barely got out of HS and never finished college. She is a Physical Therapist and I work in a warehouse(for John Deere, I might add). She is married with kids. I am single with no kids.

Couple more...

I love tracing my family tree and eventually want to go to Germany to continue.

I didn't get into Pre-Algebra until college.
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I sleep with a blanket completely over my head except for my mouth and nose
I do that, too! And I sleep with the light on if I am alone. I am also fascinated by ghosts, I'm going to check out those web sites one of these days.
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For those interested in ghosts, check out this website:


It's another good site, along with The Shadowlands, for stories as well as books.
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Whenever I am reading those websites, Jake takes advantage of me, because I get so absorbed into those stories that he sneaks up to me and grabs me and I always jump a mile off the chair.

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To add to the list, don't forget the Toronto Ghosts:

Toronto Ghosts

What's great about this group, is the main guy Matthew Didier is a skeptic! He's just trying to find the *truth* behind the stories. So you get some interesting investigations.

They have a *spooky* Halloween party every year at a local haunt. I went 2 years ago and had a great time. They usually have a couple of guest speakers, the local TV crew, and some authors.

Hmmmm...I'll have to ask him about any *cat* hauntings...

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I have bookmarked those websites, but I am going to wait til Jake is at work or at school before I read them!
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One more thing, for those members who live in North/Central Ohio...

The old Mansfield Reformatory is supposedly haunted. It is now being restored (I went to a haunted house there, and it is WAY cool), and they offer tours, as well as "haunting" tours. Check out the website:


I'm hoping to go this spring, for a tour as well as the ghost experience!
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I bookmarked those sites, too. I used to work with someone whose grandparents were ghost hunters. I can't remember their names, though. I think their last name started with W. I read one of their books, really scary stuff.
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Brenda! That's so funny! When I'm alone I have to have a light on too! I'm not scared of ghosts. I'm more scared of someone coming into my room. I also have story dreams! I recognize people from other dreams (that I haven't met in real life).

more things...

I love candles
I collect antiques
My middle name is Danyle
I shaved my eye brows when I was 5 because ancient egyptians did when thier cat would die. (I did it for all cats that died)
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Ok, here goes my 10:

1) When I was in grade school, I wore corrective shoes and had braces and eyeglasses. All at the same time.

2) I am an only child, but when I was 18, my aunt and uncle passed away and my parents adopted my two cousins. At age 18, I suddenly had 2 baby sisters, ages 2 and 4, and had to learn how to change diapers! They are now 19 and 21, so that tells you how old I am! (35)

3) I am a voracious reader. And I read very, very fast. A typical paperback book takes me 3-4 hours at most.

4) I am completely hooked on eBay!

5) I met my boyfriend/partner of 3 1/2 yrs online via a personal ad. (Yikes, even my own mother doesn't know that!)

6) I like my cats better than I like most people that I meet. (Well, I guess that is one some of you will have in common with me!)

7) I am a natural blonde, but have been dyeing my hair red since 1992. I think it looks much better, and everyone but my mother agrees.

8) I love Ford Mustangs. I'm on my third one, a dark red 83 convertible. Not much good today in 27 inches of snow!

9) I have way too many jackets and coats, and pairs of boots!

and I've saved the most unconvential for last.
10) I am a Witch. No, really. It's a nature-based religion which emphasizes the divine in all of us, through not only God but Goddess too. (Think Greek and Egyptian temples and Celtic wisewomen, not devil worship.)I have a small altar to Bast that the kitties can visit.
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Kass, did you know about the "White House Ghost Cat"? Supposedly, when a president dies in office, a black cat (described as large and panther-like) is seen prowling the underground tunnels.

Mom, maybe the altar to Bast is why you have 10 cats! Just a thought...

1) I'm a student at the local community college. I hope to transfer to a school with a good Education major, as I want to teach.

2) I have a 5 yr. old son, although people have been known to say "How old is he? Seven?" He's very big, and also sharp as a tack!

3)I love video games! Unfortunately, we can't afford a console right now, so the only thing we have is an original Sega that my brothers let my son borrow. I have a few computer games, but they just aren't the same!

4) I hate Winter!! Brrrr.... I like snow, but the cold and the wind don't seem like a fair trade, and here in NC it seems like winter lasts forever!

5)I also love to read, and speed reading runs in my family...we seem to have a speeded up capacity for recognizing words. I like to read most any fiction...except for romance! When I was younger, the only books my mom usually had were romances, and I really burned out on those. I LOVED "Memoirs of a Geisha", and the last really good book I read was "My Life On a Plate" which is like Bridget Jones, only she has some common sense!

6) I hated algebra and math in general as a kid, but now that I'm taking algebra classes as required by my course of studies, I find that I actually have a talent for it. Who knew?!

7) My favorite TV shows are "City Confidential" and "American Justice" because I love true crime tv. I also like to watch boxing on TV... my H got me hooked on it and I actually can make pretty good asessments about what's going on (at least my H thinks I make more sense than now-commentator George Foreman, but I think he took too many shots to the head and it isn't too hard to make more sense than him) Tonight, I will actually be watching "Joe Millionaire" even though I usually hate reality tv, especially "dating" reality tv, but I want to see the reaction of the girl he picks to the news that he's broke!

8)I can't cook very well, but I can really bake and make other kinds of sweets. For Christmas, I made Snickerdoodles and Chocolate-orange pinwheels, and they were delicious. I like to make Chocolate Chip cookies for no reason, just to bake. I can also make pies, cakes, and in my hands the recipe for Hot Chocolate off the side of the Hershey's Cocoa box is the best thing you ever had.

9) Willie and I both love shoes! He loves to smell them and mark them, and I love to go shoe shopping and pair an outfit with the perfect shoes. My best buys were a $5 pair of hot pink sandals at Wal-Mart that turned out to match one of my skirts perfectly, and a pair of calf-high Sketchers tan boots... they were only $50, and they actually zipped up over my calves (I would like to have a talk with the clothing companies who think that women shouldn't have big calves or rear ends or tummies...I am a babe, and a curvy one!)

10) I am close to finishing my first quilt, as soon as my aunt teaches me how to bind it off (sew the edges shut in a way that the edge of the fabric doesn't show). My next one is for my son's bed, and I have all the fabric ready. It's going to have a brightly colored monkey in the middle of every square, because that's our nickname for him, "Monkey".

Whew... hello Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
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Oops , just saw this !!

here it comes :

1) I cannot stop reading about cats !
2) Languages are a hobby for me .
3) I used to do a lot of cross-stiching . Have lots of patterns!
4) I met my husband on a dance-course for singles .
5) Living without kids , it would have been not possible for me .
6) This is obvious now : I studied to be a teacher in elementary schools .
7) Taking pictures of my cats , I could spend HOURS doing that !
8) A good book , and some good music , and the evening is a success !
9) My health is rather weak ...
10) Travelling is what I enjoy so much too!!!
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Ok, 10 more things about me...

11. I'm a Pepsi-aholic.
12. I'm hopelessly addicted to "Angel" and "CSI".
13. I wanted to be an actress and a singer most of my life.
14. I'm currently writing a horror/fantasy book.
15. I used to be in a poetry group that published a poetry book.
16. I'm a huge Culture Club fan.
17. I can't get enough of the 80's music.
18. I'd like to go back to school and become a Veterinary.
19. I'd like to have 3 more cats.
20. I want to start my own candle business from the candles I make.

There ya have it. Also, (21) "Meow 4 Now" is my favorite way to say, "goodbye."
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1. I love to sing and even went to state solo festival my junior year in high school.
2. I love debating politics, although many people my age (21) find politics boring. I did a political sppech in a public speaking class and everyone said "Great speech, but I hate politics". Sad state of things if you ask me.
3. I love art. Painting, drawing, sculpture, you name it and I probably do it.
4. I am studying the religion Wicca. Religions are another of my interests.
5. I'm doing a double major right now. Criminal Justice and Computer Science.
6. I love to garden and landscape.
7. I still listen to my N.K.O.T.B. cassettes.
8. I am fascinated by the 1960's and buy every 60's compilation CD that I can.
9. I love classical music and opera. I would love to be an opera singer someday.
10. I am obsessed with Lord of the Rings. I am even attempting to learn to speak Elvish.
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Shauna, you'll love it here! We debate politics quite often, or at least discuss the current issues. I always find it very interesting to see so many different perspectives from around the world as well as within the US.

Mom of 10 - Welcome to a fellow practitioner of the old ways. There are actually a few pagans here, and I was pleasantly surprised (althought I shouldn't have been) at the acceptance of my "alternative" religious beliefs.
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Originally posted by valanhb
Mom of 10 - Welcome to a fellow practitioner of the old ways. There are actually a few pagans here, and I was pleasantly surprised (althought I shouldn't have been) at the acceptance of my "alternative" religious beliefs.
heidi - what are your religious beliefs if you dont mind me asking? i believe i missed that one.
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Originally posted by valanhb
Shauna, you'll love it here! We debate politics quite often, or at least discuss the current issues. I always find it very interesting to see so many different perspectives from around the world as well as within the US.

Mom of 10 - Welcome to a fellow practitioner of the old ways. There are actually a few pagans here, and I was pleasantly surprised (althought I shouldn't have been) at the acceptance of my "alternative" religious beliefs.
I'm really just learning about Wicca and have been reading many books on it. It sounds very interesting and seems to connect many of the philosophies I've had my entire life that didn't mesh with some aspects of my Catholic upbringing.
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Pagan religions seem to be on the uprise. I've seen many stores and advertisements regarding these religions in the Toronto region lately. Before this, they seemed to be only underground.
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Originally posted by WillieWZ
Kass, did you know about the "White House Ghost Cat"? Supposedly, when a president dies in office, a black cat (described as large and panther-like) is seen prowling the underground tunnels.

I didn't know that story. Thanks for pointing it out!

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Kellye, I don't mind you asking at all about my religious beliefs, although it's kind of difficult to put down in a few sentences. I'm a sole practitioner pagan, meaning I'm not with a coven or anything like that. I'm not a true Wiccan in that I don't go by the triple goddess, the maiden, the mother and the crone. I'm more "into" (for lack of a better word) the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, while hubby is into the Celtic and Roman gods and goddesses. It's really all about relating back to nature, no matter which deities are used to make that connection, about connecting with the energy of the universe.
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