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What are ten things we do not know about you?

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Another get to know you better thread, an idea I lifted off another board. Here goes:

1) I have a Garfield collection that numbers over 300 pieces.

2)I cannot dive off a diving board.

3) I used to own a checkered skunk as a pet

4) I love to embroider

5) I have heard the Northern Lights (they do make noise)

6) I learned how to drive a dogsled in Alaska

7) I taught two weeks of college english when the instructor decided to leave in the middle of class

8) I wear a size 14 shoe

9) I was so fat in Jr. High the boys called me "Mary Moose"

10) I used to stutter until I took singing lessons.
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Ok..here's mine.
1) I am a clean freak
2) I am the world worst cook...can't even boil water right!LOL!
3) I am night blind
4) I collect Anne Geddes dolls and etc
5) I met my boyfriend of 3 years on a Internet Chat Room
6) My brother was adopted at birth by my parents...No one believes me when I tell them because he looks exactly like me!
7) I cry at Hallmark commercials
8) I learned how to drive a car when I was 12
9) I am a HUGE NASCAR fan
10) I have worked for the same company for 9 years...since I was 16 years old.

Jeez...I'm kinda boring, huh? LOL!
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Heres mine

1) I am a pig lover - I have collected pigs for as long as I can remember

2) I cannot drive

3) I write short stories

4) I come from a family of 7 kids.

5) I love playstation and playstation 2 games - I love role playing games.

6) I was educated at an all-girls catholic school in which I challenged the teachers in their teachings about the Bible.

7) I am VERY against drugs, due to the fact that an old boyfriend died from them.

8) I used to have a pet rat named Adonis.

9) I played womens rugby.

10) I hate housework and will try to avoid it as much as I can.

Thats 10 I can think of. I am not an interesting person.
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Ten things about me.

1. I used to go horseback riding a lot when I was growing up.

2. I graduated from high school when I was 17.

3. People always tell me I'm too thin.

4. I have two sisters and one brother.

5. My grandpa lived to be 100 and my grandma lived to be 99.

6. I have a collection of reference books.

7. I don't enjoy cooking.

8. I would like to get a dog eventually.

9. In school my worst subject was math.
10. I live in Minnesota but don't like snow and cold weather.
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Ok here's my 10 things.

1. I lived in Sarasota Florida for 7 years

2. I have an antique glass collection

3. I hate snow with a passion, yeah I know, I live in Michigan

4. My favorite breed of dog is the Doberman

5. My dream car is an '81-'90 corvette

6. I like to paint ceramic animal figurines

7. I am the oldest of 4 children and there are 11 years between me and my youngest sister

8. My favorite animal is actually the horse but cats are a very close second

9. I used to own a Ball Python, I had her for 10 years before she died from infected mice. Her name was Harley

10. I absolutely hate eating shrimp. Yuck!!

Well I guess I'm not very interesting either. Sorry :tounge2:

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Great thread! I enjoy reading all these things I didn't know! I don't know if I can come up with 10 things you don't already know about me. But here goes...

1. I have over 100 Boyd's Bears

2. I have a pet hedgehog named Spike

3. I have 3 brothers

4. I sing at alot of weddings

5. We have a huge pond stocked with fish and I love to go fishing

6. I love chinese food

7. I can't swim

8. My dream car would be a red 65 mustang

9. I make homemade chocolate covered cherries every year for Christmas (made 100+ this year)

10. I love candles and I hoard body lotions (especially from bath & body works)
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1. I am a phasmophobe -I'm phobic of ghosts. This means no horror movies, scary video games, or Stephen King . Also, I get creeped out by mirrors, closed shower curtains, and reflections in switched-off TV sets.

2. I have no depth perception.

3. When I was young, I had H.S. Purpura, an extremely rare disease associate with the lymphatic system, that temporarily paralyzed me from the waist down, and cause a certain part mf my anatomy to swell up.

4. I was in all remedial classes in High School. I dropped out in 11th grade and got my GED.

5. Speaking of school,I failed pre-algebra five years in a row. Finally, in 11th grade, the school told me they had to put me in algebra because there was no where else to put me.

6. I have two recurring dreams: In one, Gillian Anderson and I are teaching guys in business suits how to ski. In the other, I see hundreds upon hundreds of carrion birds (vultures, sometimes crows) circling in a blue sky. Also, I sometimes dream of huge herons or cranes standing in a river with dense forest on either bank.

7. I have acute ADD. I get distracted so easily that you have to tell me something time after time to get me to remember it. You know how sometimes you go into a room and forget what you went in there to do? My whole life is like that.

8. I always keep pennies in my left pocket, and silver change in my right.

9. I love Spider Man!

10. Only one person I've ever known has misspelled my first name. His name was Eric McKim, and he wrote this in my 10th grade yearbook:
You are so cool, you are even cooler than me.

-Ryan D.
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2) I am the world's worst cook...can't even boil water right!LOL!
Once I tried to make dehydrated milk.
It ended up as milk pudding!

hissy -what do the northern lights sound like? by the way, I grew up with a stutter as well, but I took speech classes and now the stutter only happens occasionally.
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1. My worst subject in school is biology, but yet I want to be a nurse.
2. I haven't been outside of Ontario since I was four years old.
3. I love Winnie the Pooh.
4. Every silly accessory in my car has Scooby-Doo on it.
5. I hate talking on the phone.
6. I have a really short attention span. I don't even like sitting long enough to watch an entire movie.
7. My brother is quite possibly the most annoying thing to roam the earth.
8. I love painting, but I lack the time to do it.
9. I'm very uninteresting, lol.
10. I'm addicted to candy canes and chocolate...
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Hmmm, this is interesting, but tough to do.

1. My birthday is the same day as my sister's but we are not the same age.

2.I have travelled all over North America, but just got a passport last year for the first time.

3. I play in a clarinet choir that I started and manage.

4. I hate housework, so much that I often eat dinner from paper plates.

5. I love swimming in fresh water lakes and rivers, hate pools.

6. I love singing, very loud and very badly, while I am driving.

7. Sometimes I wear my pyjamas all day.

8. I am seriously addicted to coffee, but not much else.

9. I am a terrible procrastinor, so terrible that I am very good at it and can judge with absolute precision how long a task will take, so I can do it at absolutely the last minute.

10. I love really bad reality shows on TV.
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All I can say is WOW!!!! You are all very interesting! Okay here it goes!

1) I love to draw (have taken life drawing classes off and on for about 15 years)

2) I took acting classes up until my mum died and wish I could go back to them, I would love to be in a play one day!

3) I am in the process of writing a children's book series

4) I was stalked by a guy that wanted to kill me and didn't go out with another guy for 4 1/2 years till I met Peter. (He was also still married).

5) I love cooking but very rarely use cook books!

6) I don't drink alcohol because I am allergic to it! Yet I act drunk when I am with a group of people that are drinking! (and feel it)

7) I love reading a good book whilst eating Lindt chocolates (not often though hehehe)

8) I got petrified at Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum in London because I though I could see the wax models moving!

9) I am not afraid of spiders of bugs and have to get rid of them for all my male friends. (I killed a baboon spider in Sth Africa when I was 3 because none of the men wanted to touch it LOL)

10) I have no confidence.

Okay well that is boring old me to!!!
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Ok, it was tough coming up with 10 (and I am not even sure I have yet). Some of these were inspired by some of yours.

1. I have my motorcycle license, kind a a small miracle since I did lay the bike down during safety training.

2. I can cross stitch up a storm.

3. My first car WAS a '67 Mustang. Green. Wish I never sold it.

4. Once in 7th grade I got locked in a Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum at closing time, in the Chamber of Horrors, no less!

5. My maiden name was Smart. No remarks or cracks, please. I have heard them all. It was a rough childhood, but at least I faired better than my sister, who didn't always do well in school.

6. My paternal grandparents both emigrated to this country from Wales. My son actually met members from both sides of the family when he visited their hometown in 2000.

7. My secret dream is to ride on the space shuttle (or the Enterprise)

8. I am the worst housekeeper that God ever put on the face of this earth.

9. I already have the music I want played at my funeral picked out.

10. I have a huge collection of bumper stickers that I have collected over the years. I used to want a rec room in my basement where I would paint a huge back of a car on the wall and stick them all there. Pipe dream, since in Florida, there is no such thing as a basement.
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Okay...here goes. You probably know most of this.

1) I sing in the shower and while I'm driving, very loudly of course. (alone)

2) I lived in Germany (Lahr) from the age of 8 - 12

3) Lost both of my parents suddenly

4) I am addicted to Diet Coke

5) I absolutely have to have my coffee and read the paper every morning before I begin my day.

6) I cannot leave the house unless my bed is made. (complete switch from my teenage years)

7) I am a neat freak also but I was unable to keep up to my own expectations so now, I have help

8) I once sang at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

9) I love to Bowl. Do so once a week.

10) I honestly, truly love my job and getting up in the morning to come to work. (I know....weird)
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Originally posted by Whisker's mom
10) I honestly, truly love my job and getting up in the morning to come to work. (I know....weird)
Ok, so explain why you are here!
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Here goes:

1. I hate Carnations with the passion of a thousand suns. Every time I smell them all I can think about are funerals. Can't take it, I threatened my family that if there are any carnations at my funeral I am coming back to haunt them.

2. An off shoot of that, I have always had this feeling I was going to die young and no one would remember me.

3. My senior year of high school I was the Drum Major(ette) of the marching band, and played the flute in the concert band.

4. When I was 15, I found out my Dad was actually my step-dad, he and my mother met and married after my birth, and my biological father lived not 20 miles from me my entire life, but he didn't know about me. (I now have a relationship with him)

5. When I was growning up my Dad would only let us have pet poodles. For some reason they were his favorites. We had a black white one and a black one, and they were both named Czar (different times).

6. When it comes to numbers or any type of math my mind just shuts down.

7. I can't spell, but I love to read and like to write. Go figure that one out.

8. I went to college for 2.5 years, majoring in Psychology.

9. I am very sensitive when people talk about drugs or drug use. Both my Mom and Step-Dad have drug dependancy problems, and it has shaped my view of drug use, which by the way is a big NO NO.

10. I am addicted to food, and my pants show it .
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1) I have had 5 years of professional opera training

2) I co-directed a children's choir for 6 years

3) I am a major Klutz

4) I am very very messy (and it drives my hubby nuts)

5) I am claustrophobic!

6) I am an Eeyore fanatic

7) I love to write

8) I have a major fear of death (to the point of nightmares)

9) Every year from age 5 to 15 I asked for a horse for Christmas.

10) I am asthmatic
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1. I can't ride a bicycle
2. I can play the violin
3. I hate pickles, bell peppers, and ice tea - LOVE diet Pepsi
4. I got 1480 on my SAT (780 verbal - 700 math)
5. I met Nick on AOL in a chat room 6 years ago
6. I'm obsessed with my nails, they have to be files and manicured!
7. I was born in Mexico (came to the US when I was 3) and speak fluent Spanish
8. I worked at Disneyland for 5 years, worked at Knott's Berry Farm for 4 years :mimouse:
9. I'm scared to death of heights.
10. I tweeze my eyebrows every night.
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Originally posted by Russian Blue

7. Unlike most females, I am not fond of jewellery, gold, or diamonds.

Me too! I only ever wear my wedding ring/engagement ring.
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Cool thread!

10 things...

1. I like to dye my hair brown to darken the red. (My the color in the "pictures, pictures" thread is real, I just like experimenting with the color.)

2. I am addicted to diet pepsi and chocolate, but I hate white chocolate.

3. I get cravings for enchiladas at least once a week.

4. I have an older brother. He and his wife had a son in October.

5. I would love to move to Nashville, TN. Not because I want to be a singer or anything -- I just love the city.

6. I would love to travel all through Europe -- especially Ireland and England.

7. I want to play the trumpet.

8. I prefer men with dark hair, but always end up with blonds.

9. I love the show ALIAS.

10. I still think of myself as 21.
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The Northern Lights sound like thousands of tinkling bells, or shattering glass? Hard to describe the sound. Mike and I were up in the Interior of Alaska one year, and woke up at 2:00 a.m. because the people in the lodge were all shouting. The lights were out and they were pink (a rare color for them) so we went outside, and Vern the innkeeper shushed everyone and we just sat in the stillness and we could hear this tinkling sound like an angelic bell ringer choir. It was awesome.
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Hissy, that is awesome. I didn't know they made sounds!! We got to see them here in southern Michigan two years ago. They were blue, green and white and it was quite a display cuz there was a meteor shower going on at the same time.

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1. I am petrified of dogs and horses.

2. I had perfect attendence all 4 years of high school but never took a single book home to study. I got good grades though, probably because I was always in class to hear the discussions.

3. I have only read 3 novels in my life, Old Yeller, some teen novel I can't remember the name of, and The Prince of Tides. I don't like to sit still long enought to read.

4. I have freckles all over my face. I have brown hair and my skin tans easily, unlike most freckled people who are fair skinned and have red hair.

5. I love to have company come to stay at my house because it's the only time my house gets really clean

6. I dream of seeing the Southern Cross one day. The Southern Cross is comparable to the Big Dipper but can only be seen from the Southern Hemisphere.

7. Steven (my boyfriend) and I packed up or sold all of out stuff last year and moved to southern Florida with no jobs or house. We just decided to go for it! It has worked out great by the way

8. I didn't have any pets growing up. My Dad didn't like them!

9. I have been snow-skiing every year except 2 since I was 9. I am 31 now.

10. My favorite movies are docu-dramas...dramas based on true events like A Beautiful Mind and In Search of Bobby Fischer.

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I've never been North at the right time to see the Northern Lights, and I've always wanted to. That sounds like an incredible experience.

...and about jewelry. It's not that I don't like it so much as I just can't be bothered with it.

Ten things you don't know about me? I'm such a blab, I don't know if there are!

1) I wear the same necklace and earings and never change them. (I do take them off to clean them). (The necklace is a noose with a small diamond in it that Gary gave to me. It's important to me because he bought a matched set in 1986 - he wears one (no diamond) - and never gave the matchy to his ex-wife. People think the noose is macabre. I love it! I think of it as a twisted infinity.)

2) I have one brother and one sister, 7 and 6 years older than me respectively. I can't stand my sister-in-law.

3) I was separated from my first husband but not divorced when Gary and I got back together. I didn't use a lawyer to do my divorce - Gary did it.

4) I grew up in Winnetka, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago). I grew up two blocks from Lake Michigan, and I miss it very much. The lake was my friend.

5) I, too, was a slob as a kid, and am now a neat freak. You used to have to "wade" through my room!

6) I don't do my nails, I don't wear makeup, and because my suits are all pants, I rarely keep my legs shaved.

7) I've seen 86 rainbows in my life so far.

8) I'm not artistic at all, play no instrument, can't sing and can't draw...

9)...although I do make collages and knit.

10) I wanted to be a mom and homemaker ("a farmer's wife"), but life just didn't work out that way.

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Laurie - I love the fact that you count your rainbows!
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What do you do if there are more than ten things to tell?
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1) My brother and I are Irish twins-we were born less than a year apart.

2) All my CD's have to be alphabetized and my books arranged by genre and by author, but it takes me weeks before I vacuum!

3) I am afraid of flying and afraid of deep murky water (not being able to see what is below me).

4) I loathe saurkraut (sp?) and would happily live on salads and pizza.

5) Despite above, mispellings drive me up a wall. I have to mark each one I find in the books I read.

6) I LOVE to read. When I was a kid, I slept with a soft book. I also read really fast, and can go through several books in a weekend

7) When I come home from work, the first thing I do is take off my bra. No more confinement!

8) I have bad skin allergies and have to be careful what soap/lotion/etc I use, so I collect lots of natural scent perfumes (vanilla, peach, blackberry) to wear.

9) It must be absolutely dark and quiet for me to fall asleep. I also have to sleep with one foot exposed, to help regulate my body temperature

10) I sing when I'm happy and it doesn't matter where I am. I get many strange looks when I'm walking around the grocery store or the mall singing along with the Muzak.
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9) It must be absolutely dark and quiet for me to fall asleep. I also have to sleep with one foot exposed, to help regulate my body temperature
That is hilarious! I used to sleep like that, too. But at some point (I don't know when) I developed a fear that something would bite my toes while I was asleep. (Some Irish legend I read that I don't remember now.) Now I can't sleep without covers -- no matter how hot it is.
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Auburn, I'm like that too - I have to have covers over my shoulders, no matter how hot it is. And the blankets have to be heavy, or it just isn't "right."

...and I slept with a light on until I was about 10. I was absolutely convinced there was somthing under my bed, and if I had to get up in the middle of the night for any reason, I would stand up on the edge of my bed and jump as far as I could and RUN out the door of the bedroom.

Now I can sleep in any environment - Gary can't fall asleep unless the T.V. is on. And he does the one foot out too! It HAS to be out, and frequently results in kicking around (thankfully, I sleep on the other side of the foot that has to be out - LOL!)

And Ady, I LOVE rainbows!!!! I've only once seen a big huge, horizon to horizon rainbow. I think I've seen a lot of them!

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LOL Too funny! But I see some similarities of you guys with me!!

1. Two worst fears : death and fire (like burning buildings)
2. I was stalked TWICE! Once by a cop (nice, huh?) and then by a former coworker (radio station).

3. I bite my nails like there is no tomorrow (I am trying acrylics, now, though)
4. I am an only child and I HATED it when I was little.
5. I have recurring dreams about tornados...ones where there are more than one and I cannot find shelter anywhere.
6. I am obsessed with hair. I am anal retentive about the hair on my head...will go on hunts to pull the small gray strands out of head, and will NOT tolerate any single corse black hairs on my chin!
7. My home is all country/crafty/primitive/antique-y
8. I collect old antique cookie jars
9. I met Gwen Stefani from No Doubt, Dale Jarrett (NASCAR!), Bobcat Goldthwait from the Police Academy movies, Lisa Welchel (Blair from "Facts of Life", Greg "fingers" Taylor (harmonica player)from the Jimmy Buffet band, and have exchanged personal emails from Kevin Hagen (Doc. Baker from "Little House on the Prairie")
10. I still love MILLI VANILLI!!!!!!!!
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What a smashing post!

1. I can't drive - the thought scares me stupid, me in control (or not) of a ton of metal.

2. I have been with my partner for 13 years - no plans for marriage, no plans for kids, just always a desire to have more cats.

3. My sister has 5 boys - the last pregnancy (at 38) ended with twin boys (twins run in the family) when she tried the last time for a girl - which puts me off trying for a baby, what if it is twins?

4. I drink alcohol virtually every day (is that the Irish in me?) - a glass of red at least with every evening meal, but I don't feel it is a problem....hic

5. I am trying to learn Italiano, as I love Italy and am planning another visit next year in the Spring.

6. I have no hobbies except reading with my favourite author being Jane Austin, but I will read any old rubbish.

7. I sometimes go out and pretend to be 18 by going disco-dancing until the early hours and then come home and upset the neighbours by playing VERY LOUD dance music until the sun comes up.

8. I fear getting old, as my father had Alzheimers - so I smoke, drink, take no exercise and am overweight - hoping to go before my mind does!

9. I met my best friend after she had a one-night stand with a house-mate, 15 years ago. I have no contact with him anymore.

10. I can only clean the house when I am premenstral, then I get manic with the cleaning products. I dread to think what will happen to my house when I am menopausal.....
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