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New Kitty!! - Daily Journal

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I had a thread labeled “I’m Adopting A New Kittten” but I thought I should start a fresh thread and through that keep you guys updated on her, sort of like her “journal”.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I took Mattie & Toby in for their annual check-ups at the vet’s. While I was in there, I spotted a little calico kitten, and I asked the lady about it. She was a shelter kitty that they found just 2 days before on the side of the road, cowered under an abandoned vehicle, striving to avoid the wind. There was a collar on her, and attached to the collar was a square of cardboard, and on it in Sharpie read, “whoever wants her can have her”. I will say nothing more on that otherwise I will go into a frantic, wild-woman rant.
They were taking the kitten in for her first round of shots.
Well, it was fate, our paths were destined to cross, and I knew I just had to adopt that kitten. I don’t know how, I didn’t even think about it, all I know is that right now there is a little calico kitten in my bedroom.
I got off work today at 4:30, just like any ordinary day. Usually, after 10 hours of work, I go home and kick back to eat junk food and watch TV, get on TCS, play with Elliott and the kitties, or whatever. But this time I went to the shelter to pick up that adorable little fuzzy calico kitten, and I was so ecstatic I’m surprised there were no vehicle accidents (involving myself ). When I got there, I told them my name and that I would like to see a fuzzy little calico kitten I had seen earlier. They let me back and, you guys, she just melted me into a senseless puddle. As soon as I held her and she started purring in my ear, I said, “Where are the adoption forms?” I filled them out and put her in the crate with some polar-fleece and a stuffie for comfort. She was quiet the whole way home…
When I got to the house, I put her in my bedroom. I set her crate down on my nightstand, facing the bed, opened the door and let her be. Toby & Mattie know something is going on and are very suspicious and exceptionally curious. They are meowing at my bedroom door and pawing underneath, looking up at me and demanding I open that door right now! I made the calico kitten some supper- some Meow Mix wet (turkey & giblets in gravy) and some Nutro Natural Life Kitten dry food, as well as some fresh water. I put all three bowls in the bedroom and showed her where they were. I bought another litter box aka Rubbermaid container (the guys at work went out to the tire shop, which is part of the feed/hardware/western wear store, and cut out a square so she could step in, are they sweet or what?) and put in some litter and showed her where that is, she has already gone urine, no poop yet. She didn’t seem very playful yet, mostly wary and curious and a perhaps a little bit weary, but all of that is perfectly normal, correct? I think maybe I’ll just leave her be, she has only access to the bedroom, laundry room, bathroom and walk-in closet, all together not a huge space, but enough so she can roam comfortably. She hasn’t ventured near the scary door where curious paws are jabbing at the carpet and demanding meows are erupting from some very anxious kitties, but I think that soon they will be able to smell each other under the door. I’ll leave her like this for 2 days, or however long it takes her to settle in, and then I’ll try the “Vanilla Trick” and let them meet, under full supervision which will involve the two older cats on leash, just to be safe.
She is just so darned cute I really don’t think I can stand it!! She’s furry and adorable with these big, curious eyes... She’s perfect! Below is a picture of her, just to show ya’ll how irresistible she is. I didn’t take it; this is the picture that the people at the shelter took of her, playing out in their “kitty yard”. Isn't she just gorgeous?
Prayers and vibes, please, for the introductions to go well and for the little gal to settle in easily! I'll keep you guys updated as she settles in and such... Now I'd better go play with Mattie & Toby before they throw a fit. They are going to be so jealous now that the little calico kitty is getting more attention... But right now my hands are shaking I am so excited and happy... I get this way whenever I welcome a new child into my home.

Any suggestions for names?

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awr what a sweetie! You could call her something foreign that means Beauty,or something like Tinker or Bella or Maizy or Suzy I'm not too good with names myself! We spent nearly a week trying to name Mitzi, but either way she is such a sweeeeettiieee!! awwwr! l
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No name suggestions, but she is such a pretty little girl! Lots of vibes for a smooth introduction to your other cats
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Thanks everybody!

lauracatlover: That's a great idea! I'll look for names in foreign languages that are adjetives, like beauty, pretty, little and etcera. Thanks for the idea!

Alleygirl: Lots of thanks for the vibes! I'm nervous about the introductions, but we'll see.

Friday, July 20th

Lastnight went very well! When I adopted Toby, he was 6 months. He prowled the apartment all night, yowling and knocking things over. This lasted 8 days before he finally settled. Mattie was 9 weeks when I adopted her; she also paced the apartment and cried constantly for 4 nights in a row. Now she still tends to prowl the house, but without the noise. My little calico girl was perfectly quiet! When I crawled into bed to go to sleep, she came up next to me and curled up in my waist and went to purring like a tiny washing machine! I woke up 3 times last-night; the first, when she got up to eat and use the litter. (Yay!) The second, she wanted to play but after 15 minutes agreed that she could play by herself and leave me alone. And the third was when she was re-situating herself... across my face! She didn't hardly make a peep all night, with the exception of her desire for a midnight play session that I had no intentions of joining. I do know that Toby & Mattie slept restlessly last night, poor babies, they usually sleep with me. I guess they'll live. The kitten has settled in well and seems to be demanding attention! I fed her this morning (the other half of her turkey & giblets Meow Mix tub, which she ate eagerly) and cleaned her litterbox. She pooed once and urinated twice. I've played with her this morning and she is very energetic and a happy kitty. Cuddly as well... I almost feel like I want to introduce them today, but surely it's too soon. I'll wait until tomorrow. Now I'd better go love on my two bigger cats, before they die due to lack of attention. Mattie is such a drama queen...
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I am glad she seems to be adjusting well. Sending vibes that the intros go well.

She is a beauty. The name Akemi is Japanese for Bright and beautiful.
Emiko is also Japanese meaning Child graced with beauty; smiling child
Lela, Leilah, Leila and Layla are all Arabic/Persian for beauty
Neha, Indian for beauty

Personally - I really like the name Akemi. And she is a real beauty!
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She is gorgeous.I love her markings and those eyes
Good luck finding a name for her I'm sure whatever you come up with will fit.
She is just adorable
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Adymarie: Oooohh... I like those names. Akemi & Neha are really beautiful... Thanks for those! I love them! I was considering names this morning and the name Angel drifted into my mind. She really is one! But the name didn't really fit... so that snowballed into Angelina, but, no, still not quite right. Then what about... Lina. It's a beautiful name, IMO, and it does seem to fit her. I still like Neha though. Akemi is beautiful, but still, not quite right...

catmomof2: Thanks! She's precious, eh?
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Oh my!! Shes just too precious!!!

Sorry Im not good at names~but just had to comment on her beautiness!!
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I think she would suit Neha! It is a lovely name and she is such a lovely girl.
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Thanks ya'll!

I think I just found the perfect name for my new addition to the family! Alina... in Polish it means "bright & beautiful". It really fits her!
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great name! She is such a beauty...
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Thanks mrjonah!
Well, the craziest thing happened this morning. Lastnight I went to see the new HP movie with my good friend, Valerie. We decided to be crazy and wait up until midnight and get the book. (I'm actually still reading the sixth one... ) So we hung around Hastings, drinking cappuchinos and creating a crazy stack of books to read and everything. I went to bed at about 1:15 am. Obviously, I slept in, until 8:30. (Yes, that is really sleeping in for me.) When I got up, I totally and complete panicked- the door to my room was OPEN!!! I had been sleeping to heavy to hear Elliott jump up against the door, thus opening it, jump up onto the chest and onto my bed! I ran out into the living room, in half-way-to-a-heart-attack-mode, and saw... Alina happily playing with a catnip mouse on the floor, with Mattie lounging on the floor nearby, content to watch the little munchkin, and Toby on her perch on the mantel, purring and asleep. I was so ecstatic to see peace in my house! I'll never know if there was an introduction fight, if a small one, or if they just took to each other. All I know is that Alina is very excited to be out of that room and exploring the house!
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Alina is a lovely name!

I am glad they settled the intros themselves so you didn't have to worry!
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