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shots for cats?

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I just got a note from the vet saying Twig is due for a Fel-o-vax IV and Calicivax shot. I hadn't heard of these before so i did a little digging on the puter and found the Felovax to be an FIV shot and was wondering something. Why would they give my cat a shot that he doesn't need? None of my cats are outdoor cats, none of them have FIV, so this is perplexing me and I was wondering if my cat really needs this or are they giving my cats shots they don't need for $$$?
Please help me figure this out soon because I'm upset and really need clarification on this because if they are just giving my cats shots they don't need for $$$ then I really need to find someone else to be my vet. I won't be putting my animals health at risk because they want money, they get enough of it from me and I love my animals to much for that.
SO am I needlessly putting my animals at risk by giving them shots they don't need? Should I have the shot done or not? I'm really at a loss here.
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I took Saedie for her kitten shots last Saturday and my vet tested her for FIV and FeLV. He didn't give her the vaccinations because she is only going to be an indoor cat. She isn't at risk of getting FIV or FeLV because she won't ever go outside.

Talk to your vet. If your cat is a strictly indoor cat he doesn't need the FIV shot.

I doubt that the vet is only telling you your cat needs that shot for money. It is standard for cats to get the FIV shot. If your cat does go outside though, I would recommend getting the FIV shot.
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I agree with Brittany... Our vet also said that Roxie needed vaccination for FIV but I just told him that despite his belief I didn't want her vaccinated for something she didn't have and wouldn't be at risk of as in indoor only kitty.

Talk to your vet. It's your kitty and therefore your decision. Most vets are very okay with that!
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Fel-O-Vax is not just for FIV. It's the brand name for Fort Dodge's line of vaccines that are for several different diseases. There are many Fel-O-Vax types. If you have questions, call your veterinarian. They can tell you exactly what they meant.
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The vaccine you mention, Fel-O-Vax IV, says the following on the label: Used as an aid in the prevention of diseases caused by feline rhinotracheitis, calici, panleukopenia viruses and feline chlamydia psittaci.
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Originally Posted by Mermaid View Post
The vaccine you mention, Fel-O-Vax IV, says the following on the label: Used as an aid in the prevention of diseases caused by feline rhinotracheitis, calici, panleukopenia viruses and feline chlamydia psittaci.

Now I'm really confused.

So does my kitty need it? All my babies are strictly indoors only, and none of them have any contagious diseases. I wish Vets would give you a list of the shots and tell you which ones they think you should have and why.(and the ones they are required to have for saftey reasons of course) Then you could make up your mind if you thought they would benefit your animals or not.
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I only get my adult cat a rabies shot since she is strictly indoor. I don't think your cat would need the shot if he never goes outside. I have never had to give my cat any other shot except her kitten shots and her annual rabies shot.
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Talk to your vet ..For most a 3 in one shot is sufficient but ask your area may warrent the added vaccine.. I have decided NOT to vaccinate in a three in one or four in one do to her bad reaction... I live in an area that DOES NOT require Rabies for cats and will make that desicion later
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Whether or not your kitties need the shots is up to you, your laws, & your vet.

Mine have been receiving yearly vacciantions....FVRCCP(Distemper combo, essentially) & Rabies. Rabies is now 3 eyars for everyone. Distemper I plan to do every 3 years as well.

If you ever board your cats, you'll need them to be UTD on shots. If you plan to bring a new cat into your household, then it's safer to have everyone UTD on shots.
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If this is your kitties first annual vaccination then yes I would get it done.
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My 2 cents. In a perfect world our indoor cats would never escape to the great outdoors, never get lost for a few days - you get my drift.

I just started volunteering at a shelter and I could possibly bring anything home to my cats. If I were to pet someone's animal before coming home, I could bring something home to my animals. Therefore, I prefer to err on the side of caution.

To me it is no different than vaccinating our children against polio and other childhood diseases. Yes, it's possible they'll never be in contact with those diseases, but with the world being such a smaller place now, who knows. The SARS outbreak in Toronto a couple years ago certainly brought that message home to us.

If I didn't do what I could to protect my cats and they got sick and/or died, I would always blame myself. Rabies vaccination is required in our region and the other vaccinations are being done now every 3 years.
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