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5000th post!! A tribute to all my kitties

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I thought for my 5000th post I would do a tribute to all the kitties I've ever owned with their stories and pictures.

I don't have any photos of Puss my very first cat. He was a big, meal ol' orange tabby who hated people... We had him from as early as I remember, and when we moved when I was about 5 I guess we left him behind - he was much better off staying where he was. As well as that we couldn't pick him up to put him in a carrier - he was too feral.... Heh.

Next came Bonnie. My mum worked out at a prison, and one of the farm cats there had kittens and some horrible person tried to drown them all - they put them in a hessian sack with a brick!! Someone saw them and tried to save them - only Bonnie survived. He was only a couple of weeks old and we had to syringe feed him for a while. We thought he was a girl hence the name... We were going to get a boy kitty from another litter from the prison and call him Clyde.

Bonnie as a kitten - and yes that's me a long time ago...

So we already had a boy as it turned out, then a friend of mum's was breeding Orientals and had a black Oriental kitten she was giving away. I don't think she wanted black cats or something - I can't remember, I was only about 10!! She was gorgeous!

Then for my 13th or 14th birthday I saved all my birthday and christmas money and bought Misty from a breeder - a gorgeous lilac point Burmese kitten. She was an awesome cat - so playful and cuddly!

Misty cuddled up with me

And all 3 kitties curled up together, they were such good friends!

Misty got hit by a car and killed before her first birthday which was so heartbreaking, but Bonnie lived to be 17 and Coco to be 16. Bonnie was euthanised in January this year - he'd had a leg amputated when he was 10 and was really struggling to move around and was on pain. And then Coco couldn't cope without him and was so distressed - wasn't eating, wasn't going to the toilet, and the vet thought it was best to euthanise her as well since her health was also failing.

Then when DH and I were living together, we got Byron. He was a stray living in a friends neighbourhood and it was in the middle of a cold, wet winter and he had nowhere to go. So much to DH's annoyance we took him in - he had never had a cat and didn't want one. But he completely fell in love with Byron. Byron was an awesome cat. Was ALWAYS nearby, and would lie in bed with us until we got up, snuggled up to us, but wasn't needy and overdemanding - the perfect cat. He got bitten by a Brown Snake (second most poisonous snake in the world) in our backyard. We were absolutely heartbroken, especially DH - Byron was the first cat he had, and HIS cat. After that I vowed never to let any of my pets outside ever again.

DH and Byron

After that we got LC. She was about 11 years old and her owner couldn't keep her and was going to have to take her to the RSPCA during the tail end of kitten season where she would probably be euthanised. So we took her, with the plan to rehome her when we needed to as we knew we may be relocating to the US. We figured that was better than her being put down at the shelter... When we moved over here we found her a wonderful home where she remains happy and spoiled!

Sweet LC

Then we moved to the US and said we wouldn't get any more cats while we were here. Hehehe.

We fostered Stumpy after she was hit by a car and suffered a broken pelvis and tail which was amputated. I missed not having a kitty and she was so wonderful I managed to convince DH that we should keep her.

Stumpy when we first got her

And now

Then as Stumpy recovered, she turned into psycho cat - tearing around the house like a mad thing, attacking our feet all night and generally being a pain in the backside! We needed to get her a friend, so we went and adopted Lily. She was 3 months old, and had travelled somewhere in a cars engine compartment along a 70mph freeway for about 20 miles when she was found once the driver reached their destination. She was very shy, and semi-feral but a sweetheart. She's come out of her shell a lot, and is very special to me!

Lily when she first came home

And now!

And then came Smudgey!!! Our little 12 oz foster runt who wasn't expected to live and completely stole our hearts with her little, squinty eyes and big heart. Such a sweet girl who loves her daddy to pieces - there was no way he could have sent her back to the shelter. He is still her favourite person in the world, and he dotes on her like nothing else! Hopefully all 3 of our girls will grow up with our human baby and he will grow to love cats as much as his mummy does!

Smudge then

And now at almost a year old!!

Thanks to everyone here at TCS for letting me share my love of kitties and for helping me so much with both the health and wellbeing of my kitties, and advice for the trap-neuter-return I've been doing. There's such an wealth of knowledge here and so many truly wonderful people.

Thank you all!
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Sarah I just love your girls... and your babies from years past.

Congrats on your 5000th post! and to you.
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Wow, 5000 posts ..... I've got a ways to go to catch up to you!

Great post ... I really enjoyed reading about your babies.
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What a wonderful idea to post a tribute to all your kitties.
The pic of Smudge as a wee baby stole my heart. Look how big his head is compared to the rest of him!
Sarah, you looked the quintissential Aussie kid, straight out of a WeetBix commercial!
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What a wonderful 5000th post! The kittie-kids are all gorgeous, and it's a lovely tribute to them all.
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
What a wonderful idea to post a tribute to all your kitties.
The pic of Smudge as a wee baby stole my heart. Look how big his head is compared to the rest of him!
Sarah, you looked the quintissential Aussie kid, straight out of a WeetBix commercial!

The funny thing about Smudge is that her head was huge initially, but now it looks really small compared to the rest of her body!! I don't think her head has grown at all, just her body
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This was such a great 5,000 post... and congratulations

All of your furbabies (past and present) are gorgeous! What a wonderful meowmy you are. Your going to be an amazing mommy!!!
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Sarah, that was beautiful! Stumpy... that makes me so sad seeing her little hiney that way!
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Happy 5000th post!!!

Kitties do have a way of stealing hearts. Love the pic of hubby with Byron.
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What a wonderful post, Sarah - a wonderful tribute to your RB and current furbabies, and a testament to your loving heart.
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What a lovely tribute!!
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What a wonderful tribute to your cats and your love of TCS all in one!

Great stories and great cats!
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congrats on 5000

what a wonderful tribute and a very interesting read all your kits are treasure
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Beautiful tribute! Your babies were so cute!

Congrats on 5,000!
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Congrats for your 5000! deserves a dance!

and what a precious cutie pies!!sooooooo precious!!!
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