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healthy food for struvite prone cat

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Our cat Claude has been suffering with struvite crystals for the past few months, though we didn't know it until he had a complete blockage about a month ago. He has finally recovered from the time spent at the emergency vet, and had his follow up urinalysis a couple days ago, which is now clear of crystals. His vet has moved him to the maintenance struvite diet. Our vet only offers Science Diet C/D wet and dry and Purina U/R wet for struvite maintenance. Claude eats all of these without problems, but I am unhappy with the by products and preservatives used in these foods. I know wysong makes a food for struvite crystals, and the ingredients look good. What other brands are available for struvite maintenance (prescription is fine) that are natural, with no by products or preservatives etc.???? If you have experience with Wysong Struvatrol, how well did it work for your cat? Did they like it? Other experiences with other (healthy) brands? Thank you in advance for any help/advice!

Claude's mom
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Waltham/ Royal Canin
Make RXs

Purina and Nutro both MAKE CERTIFIED Uti formulas OTC ... Print off the analysis and ask the vet if that would work
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Thanks for the list of companies that make food for FLUTD/struvite crystals, Sharky. What I am looking for more specifically is companies that don't use BHA/BHT or other non-natural preservatives, and that also don't use animal by products. I have never fed my cats food with artificial flavors/preservatives and animal by products before Claude's struvite diagnosis, and don't want to feed them these things long term. (He is currently on Science Diet and Purina, only because that is the only food my vet sells for FLUTD. Both these brands have ingredients that I am unhappy with.) The only brand I have so far seen that looks like what I'm looking for is Wysong, and I'd love to hear from anybody who has used Wysong for their FLUTD cat, but if there are other brands of natural food for FLUTD I'd love to hear about them! Thanks!
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Nutro max is all natural ... no animal by products , no chemical preservatives or artificial colors or flavors...

Wysong Do you have a link??? they often use things I dont feed
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Thanks, Sharky, I'll have to take a closer look at Nutro. Their website doesn's seem to list out ingredients, but if they aren't prescription I can check at the store.

I'm curious what ingredients in Wysong you object to?

The info I found on Wysong ingredients was at: www.wysong.net
First, click on "products", then "cats", then "Rx prescription diets", and last "struvatrol".

Also, I'm not only looking for a dry food, but need a new wet food brand too. Anyone? Thanks!
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Wysong, from what I can gather, is a "different" type of food. Some cats will eat it, some hate it. IMO, it is way overpriced. I've got kitties with a history of struvite crystals who eat Nutro MAX cat Chicken. They also eat Purina Pro Plan Urinary Health(by-products), Merrick (one specific kind, but I can't remember which), & one other Beef canned, which I cannot remember. I simply watch what I buy them closely & PM sharky a lot.
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