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deformed kitten any ideas

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ok keep in mind I haven't slept well in last week and am getting over losing tony so i might be a bit off....My sisters friend found two kittens last night..4ish weeks. the boy is solid looks good, the girl has some sort of deformity(flat chestied kitten sy?) if you hold her where her head is between your thumb and pointer and butt is hanging off side by pinkie she feels like she is squashed. eyes are gunky so put teramycin in. gave both baths to subdued to my taste..girl eats more then brother... both have appt at 345 and after that not sure if i am getting them back or friend is taking them home(prayers shes not DESPERTLY needed) 3 kids under 7 and none taught ow to behave. like live toys to them
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i dont have any advice apart from the vet which you seem to be doing. please dont give any medication unless a vet has given it to you and you deffently know the dosage as you could make things worse.
i havnt delt with FCKS so i really wouldnt know what to look for but a vet will be able to tell you more (sometimes kittens do come through this fine)
well done for taking them in, but if her children really think they are toys then they will need to be supervised 24/7 if this isnt possible then she may want someone else to look after them, they rae very young and very poorly so they will not handle being pulled about ( i have heard so many horry stories about children killing a kitten by accident) that its just not worth taking that chance especially if you know the children are like that anyway.
please do update us once you have been to the vets.
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thanks for your reply the vet ok the eye ointment(had it from when I raised a litter...vet said it would prevent any further damage so thats good. I am glad appt is tom as REALLY hoping the woman thinks things over about her being able to care for them.. she has right idea but shes way to stressed. and she knows if she gives them to me they have a good home for life. medically i could easily handle any at home treatment and no kids. find it strange a mother cat would care for the deforemed jenny. maybe cause she had a small litter? will give update as soon as I can
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its very rare for a mother to reject a kitten even if it does have problems unless its very poorly and very unliky to survive then the mother would care for it as normal, i had one cat who had a very prem kitten there was only a 20% chance he would live but i think because he was the last surviveing kitten she cared for it just the same as any other cat but he did die after 4 days. if the mother has a safe home and not in danger from preditors then its very unliky she would reject it ( but yes it does happen). remember some medications do go out of date and some eye stuff can only be open for 28 days then has to be thrown.
i know she means well.
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If the little girl has a flat chest and is deformed, she probably will not last very long. Its rare that they live past a few months old. It might be best to take them to a vet and decide what you want to do with her.
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well friend took them to appt. vet said shes healthy otherwise and as long as she eats let her be..now if she was in a normal family(aka well behaved kids) id have no issue but this is eating at me. on antibiotic drops and also gave her some more eye ointment(vet said no perm damage to eye..when I first picked them up they were glazed over and not blimnking and was afraid they were blind). they go back in 2 weeks to start shots. if she makes it to 5 months i hate to even think of her getting pregnant. feel like i am being punished this week cat wise. if nothing else i got the owner to take them to the vet and hopefully she goes back for the booster shots as they can keep an eye on them
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If you feel the kitten isn't getting the proper care, why don't you offer to take her until she is better?

It seems to me a mom of three kids might realize all that extra attention and care the kitten needs would be a bit hard with her busy life and would appreciate someone helping out!

I think maybe if you put it to her the right way, she might agree to allowing you to be a caretaker until the little girl is healthy.
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her daughter is ok its her sisters 3 kids(sorry 4 total) she has them in a large dog crate in room...its just here they could get round clock care as needed(with all our schedules someone is home) I had them at house and she came took them to vet then to her home...i keep saying its better then being outside...sigh. she will never get better...but she could stay the same...The "can't save em all"| is so playing in my head...I think you guys all know i am a cat nut and for this to come in my face is hard. thanks for the support and Ill post any new updates I hear
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