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Steve and Petey!

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Apparently, according to my DH, we have som feral kitties iving near us. He has now seen them 3 times - I haven't seen them at all. He has named them Steve and Petey. I told him that as he named them we have to find them and keep them (he said no keeping).

2 nights ago (after I was in bed) he kept hearing weird noises on our front porch. Steve and Petey were chasing each other and banging off our aluminum railing. When he opened the door - they took off across the street. The next morning (around 5 am) they were at it again in front of our house. He went out to try and see them and they took off toward our back yard.

Last night again he saw them playing in the yard, but this time they were with their momma. He says they look to be about 6 weeks old and very active. I was worried about them this morning because of heavy rain. I have been looking for them since he 1st mentioned them, but see any signs of them.

I hope that I will be able to find them and get them to the shelter since DH says I can't keep them.

Any suggestions as I have never tried to do this before?

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i would put out some food in a dish on your porch. once you get them used to that, borrow a humane cat trap, and trap them so you can bring them to the shelter.
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