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My cat Sylvie just had four kittens, since she has had her kittens my dog, Comet, ( who was housetrained) has started peeing on the couch, stairs, etc. I took him to the vet, who tested him for a UTI, etc and he said that Comet was probably just feeling left out. Before the kittens were born, Sylvie and Comet were good friends, they would sleep together, cuddle, play chase, etc. Since Sylvie has had her kittens she won't let him within 2 feet of her. do ya'll have any ideas on how to get her to be his friend again?? Has anyone else ahd this problem? I can't take the peeing in random places much longer...HELP!
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The mamma cat probably just feels that the dog is a threat to her kittens. Once the kittens are weaned she will probably accept the dog again.
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I'd crate Comet if he keeps peeing. And give him more attention/playtime to make up for not having the kitty friend for now.

Once the kittens are about 3-4 weeks old she will be more relaxed and allow the dog to see them.

BTW what kind of dog is Comet?
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he's a small Papillon, he only weighs 5lbs.
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