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I never worry but I am a pessimist, the glass is definitely half empty. I can find the negative in any positive situation.
I never really used to think about it much until my college days, when our class had to do this role play thing, there was a creative person, happy, sad, pessimist and optimist as well as a few others. I was given the role of optimist for the scenario and I had never been so embarrassed, I just could not come up with anything, so my tutor swapped my role to pessimist and BOOM I was away laughing. It kinda worked out anyway coz the person who was supposed to be the pessimist also couldn't come up with anything til our roles ere changed.
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Scott says I'm pessimistic, but I don't worry about small stuff. I DO however, obsess about the major stuff when it does come up if there isn't an immediate result known.

I'm reasonable...I think.
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
I'd have to say an optimist, bad things just keep happeneing, but I know it can't stay bad forever....I hope
Same here. Some days, the sun shines & I just can't see it.

A little OT, but I so read the thread title as "Optometrist(as in eye doctor)", not optimist.
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I used to be super-optimistic....then I realized I was just being naive. I'm 25 and still completely naive about soooo many things, but have gotten *A LOT* better over the past two years.

So now, I'm for sure a pessimist.

I'm hoping there's a middle-ground that you find as years progress and life mellows out a bit more.
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Pessimism gave me an ulcer and caused my depression.
Rx drugs and always seeing the silver lining have helped me greatly.

I also stopped watching the news, which helped tons.
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I'm definetely an optimist, I always look for the good in everything.
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