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Do any of you

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Have any problems when going to make a post or start a new thread such as it taking some time to get to a new page getting an error message which happens to me at least once a day but the amount of time it takes in between threads is what kills me.Say if I were to respond to this thread it takes a few minutes to upload the new page.Is it because there are so many on this site?Does anyone else experience this? I belong to other forums and dont experience this at all.Just wondering why I have a problem on this site
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I'll have a problem with slowness maybe once a week, but otherwise no problems.
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Usually works fine for me, maybe it is somethig to do with your system or IP?
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What kind of computer and internet connection do you have? I have a nice fast Mac Mini, but my connection is just a 56k modem... so everything is slow for me, but rarely as bad as what you're describing. Who's your internet provider?
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I have cable modem through RCN
My computer is compaq and about 3-4 years old
It runs fast on all other sites but this one and I cant figure out why
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Usually at work I have the most issues because of our firewall. The ads are trying to load so that takes a while.
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My computer is really really slow in general so I guess I just don't notice the difference...
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Well, that is odd, if it's only this site giving you trouble. Maybe you could ask about it on the TCS Support technical page!
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