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Child Beaten to Death over Toilet Training

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This is just unspeakable...I don't know whether or not this is a "Babies Having Babies" argument and that this teen couldn't handle it, or this probably would have happened no matter how old he was.

I don't believe in the death penalty in this case...this teen murdered a child brutally. He should be in jail for the rest of his life so he can receive the same treatment from other inmates on a daily basis.

The only part I don't quite understand is that he reportedly did this because he was frustrated over the child's toilet training....the child was 18 months old. Do you even start toilet training a child that early? Not that that makes a difference here, I was just curious.
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Poor, sweet baby. I feel sick to my stomach.
I don't think I could bear it if I didn't know that babies like this one are now in Heaven and will never know any violence again for eternity.
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This is just sick. I hoep this dude gets the book thrown at him this is just sick.

Some people do believe starting potty training that early. Some even earlier I am not oneof them. My second I started at 2 1/2-3 yrs old. It was much frustration trying to get this boy to go potty. I gave up and decided he would let me know when he was ready. He was not ready till 4 1/2. He just took the diaper/pull up off and went to undies. That simple. Thats what I am doing with our third son. He is 3 1/2yrs. We have tried a few times but he just doesn't fully get it yet. Iam not pushing it he will let me know when he is ready.
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I did most things early - toilet trained early, walked early - didn't read early but there you go.

I shouldn't even be here, I have like eighteen million things to do to. Popped in to answer some PMs and saw this on the forum page under IMO.

I haven't read the article. Won't, either.

Eighteen months doesn't seem to early to start trying to toliet train. I was "helping" to change my sister's diapers before I was two (before I was, myself, completely potty trained). That's not the part that's the problem.

I don't know what else I wanted to say.

Except, you know, maybe: godspeed over Rainbow Bridge. And if all else fails? I'll be along in a while.
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I heard this on the radio this morning and I also am sick to my stomach even if this was reportedly about toilet training, if this boy couldn't handle that, there may have been something else to set him off in the future. How awful, just awful. I absolutely cannot believe the things some people are capable of, especially to a defenseless baby
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I feel sick. Poor angel.

I will never understand a person who thinks it is ever appropriate to use any kind of physical punishment with a child who is potty training. This person seems as though he deals with things in a violent, angry mannor. I have a hard time believing that this could be a first incident and obviously wasn't an accident. I also think the mother should be held some what accountable. I want to know what she did to try and make him stop when she told him the baby had gone through enough. I know as a mother, I'd risk my own life to save my child. It just doesn't seem right to me.

I do think that potty training is very dependent on the child and, but for the most part, yes I believe that 18 months is early to start potty training. I think, espcially with boys, it takes a little longer than girls in general. I waited until my son was ready, could verbalize the need to use the washroom and waited until he had a desire to use the toliet. He started at 2 years 11 months and was potty trained just before his 3rd b-day, so it took a little less than a month.
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I dont even know what to say. If anyone ever hurt my kid id go nuts. Its really hard reading stuff like that.
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OMG! This is awful! I have a 10 & 1/2 month old. This just makes me so sick to think about. How can anyone be so cruel?
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I dont have any words right now.......or any that would be allowed!!!
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Yes you can start teaching a child at 18 months about potty training - still takes awhile to be totally trained.

That's why I'm SOOO against kids having kids and nothing is done about it. IMO I feel that anyone under 18 that can't take care of a baby properly without the help of parents or welfare, should have that child taken from them and adopted to couples that CAN raise them properly!
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He wasn't mature enough to be in charge of that child. He didn't have the patience to deal with a child who didn't understand or have the capabilities to do what he wanted, so he struck out at the innocent.

We see it the boards where people assume cats have feelings or thoughts or are plotting against them when the cats aren't able to form human reactions. I think the same thing happens here. He assumed the child had a level of reasoning that it didn't and reacted because the child didn't do as it was told.
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This is ridiculous. I worked with kids 12 - 24 months for over a year, and only a few were even interested in the potty during that time frame. Even the brightest would just imitate their parents and "sit" on the potty while their parents went. That's the right thing to do. Encourage it if their interested, but don't force it. In the 2 year old room, they see their friends "sitting" and "trying" on the potty, and getting praised for it, so they will too. 3 - 5 year olds would also have the occasional accidents. The key is not to get discouraged or show sadness or anger (they are upset enough when it happens) and have a "you can do it" attitude. Otherwise like cats, they will not go potty in the desired place if they associate it with anything negative.
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that is soo horrible
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