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My Vet told me that my cat has FIP. But from what I just read on this site it doesn't seem as though she really does. Is she going to die? My vet says not unless she's put under stress like a sugury but on this site it says that she can die within a few weeks. If that's the case then my other vat will probably have it and die. HELP!!!!!??????
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As the vet says she's not dying my guess is she was tested positive for the virus. This does not mean she's got FIP. The virus doesn't mutate into the disease form in most cats. You should ask your vet for more info to make sure - ask him what tests were made and what were the results. Let us know what he or she says.
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What symptoms does your kitten have? I just lost my baby to FIP, and he had some pretty specific symptoms. Also, don't let your vet just say "he has FIP" because there is no definite test... It is the tests combined with the bloodwork combined with the symptoms that make a probable diagnosis.

Please let us know... My heart goes out to you and your kitty. I hope he does not have FIP.
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I have 7 cats all of whom were exposed to FIP. That does not mean they will ever get it. Go into Yahoo.com and do a search for Feline FIP to help you understand FIP a little better. FIP does not have to be a death sentence for your kitty as long as she is healthy.

Good luck. Keep us posted.
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I had just posted my reply to Amy Z for her FIP question, but to make a long story short, we lost our 6 mo old feral kitten to FIP last month. We didn't even know she had it until she had her spaying (there was fluid in her belly). She died 2 weeks later. I'm pretty sure the surgery probably exacerbated it and accelerated it. I have a collie who had demodetic mange (an auto-immune disorder) that was severely compromised by her spaying and it took us a year to get it back under control. If we hadn't spayed her, lord knows if the kitten would have died so soon. There are plenty of cats that live with it. Besides the fluid in the belly, some other characteristics are golden urine (and I mean GOLDEN) and a yellowish tint to the inside of the ears. I never did see the ear thing on Cleo, but her urine did turn golden.

It's very frustrating as is TB in humans. You can test positive for TB, but it only measures exposure not actual illness. I won't have my other cats tested because it would be inconclusive, a waste of money and nasty for them. Try to keep your cat healthy in the meantime! Good luck!
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I just took my other cat to the vet today and i talked to her about Oreo. She told me that she only tested positive for the virus. She also told me that she does spaying for the animal shelters and that they do not check those cats for FIP but that most of them probably have the virus b/c they all live together in a big cage. She said that very few of them die. So anyway I guess I'm just going to go for it. Oreo isn't going through any of the signs and neither does Bunny (the older one). As for Bunny, she's already gone through all her surguries and she isn't losing wait or showing any kind of signs so hopefully she won't develop any.
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