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I'm mad at Congress....again

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The Senate, actually, and more pointedly, at Harry Reid.

After all of the showboating of the all-nighter, which accomplished all of NOTHING, he pulled the entire Defense Funding Bill


The maneuvering occurred as the Senate debated a broad defense bill that includes a pay raise for the troops, revised regulations for detaining suspects in the war on terror and an increase in the size of the Army and Marines. Following the vote, Reid said he would suspend work on the measure, to which the Democrats sought to attach the troop withdrawal provision, until a date to be determined.
So they want to force troop withdrawl, which we already knew, which they already tried and it was vetoed without enough votes to overturn it. Do they think Bush will change his mind? Or that the fundamental disagreements that Republicans have with the time table will disappear?

What makes me so mad about this, though, isn't their political agenda. It's that Reid pulled the entire Defense Spending/Funding Bill to play politics. The bill, as stated above, includes a pay raise for our military; it includes funding for more and better equipment for those deployed; it includes regulations on detaining "enemy combatants". So much for "supporting the troops".

And yeah, yeah, I know that they think that pulling the troops is supporting them. But they should also know that it ain't gonna happen with that time table. Bush won't go for it, and they don't have enough votes to override the veto. And in the meantime, they are denying the military a pay raise (which I think they deserve!) and equipment. They are ignoring the whole Gitmo issue, which I thought was one of their talking points.

Seems to me like they are pandering to the anti-war crowd to the exclusion of all else. What happened to that whole idea of "compromise" and "working together" they were so fond of talking about when they took control on Congress?
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I am deeply ashamed that Harry Reid is from my state.

Well, I cannot wait to see how Harry Reid spins this one into, "I support the military" I'm sure the military won't be fooled.
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V, that "working together" was just to get votes from all of us that are sick to death of the politicians fighting among themselves. You didn't REALLY think they would did you?
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Right now, Congress and the Senate are crediting the Anti-wars for their win, and they apparently plan to ride that pony all the way to the presidential elections. The race is on it's way to becoming a "single issue campaign", which I think it kind of dangerous. There are far too many important issues that are falling to the wayside over this.

As for the war itself, I didn't want war either. But there comes a time that you have to let the realist in you come out, and face facts. I think that good ole' Andy Rooney said it best....

"I didn't want this war to happen...but now that we're in it....I hope we win it"
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I'm always mad at Congress, so I can say dittoes to Heidi, minus the "again"

And I'm also concerned this upcoming election will be a one-issue campaign on the war.
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