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Brown eyes

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Freeway's eyes seemed to take the longest time to change, they stayed kitten blue forever, then they browned (somewhat), seemed to hedge slightly toward "copper", then darkened again. But, I think we finally have a color, I've not noticed any changes in a couple of weeks.

Isn't he just the cutest little bug-eyed thing

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He is just too cute
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Awwww ..... doesn't that first photo just melt your heart??
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Mike, you'd better watch him good...or else I'm gonna steal him from you!!!

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He's so handsome! His eyes are almost a copper colour...very pretty!
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What beautiful eyes he has........ I could kiss that beautiful boy!
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too cute!! My girl Angel was Blue when she was littler, now she has really brown eyes...
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Yes indeedy he is the cutest little thing!!!
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oh my lord he's a cutie!!!!
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
Mike, you'd better watch him good...or else I'm gonna steal him from you!!!

I'm closer to Mike so that by the time you get there I'll be back home.
Then I'd have 2 tail chasing kitties.
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He's really irresistable.
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very cute
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Very cute - what's that he's lying on??
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Originally Posted by mrjonah View Post
Very cute - what's that he's lying on??
He is lying on one of the shelves on their "kitty cubes". I got them at Target for about $17 USD each. They love them

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Very pretty! In the pic it looks like his eyes are around the same color as his coat color on his back, is that correct or is just the lighting in the photo?
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Seriously Mike, that photo belongs in a calendar. Very, very cute!
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He's such a doll!!!
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He is so cute, and filling out nicely from that skinny kitten you found.
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Ok - where the heck is the cuteness warning.

I just love that little boy!
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Gosh! He is so beautiful!
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"Cute" doesn't begin to even cover it. He is stunningly gorgeous.
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I got those too! They come in blue now which isn't as bright.
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