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Logid let me introduce you to this window............

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I've just been invited to a family wedding at the end of August and we're supposed to be having a party for my aunt's 70th the next day. Both of these events are happening 4 hours from where I live so I tried to book Harry into a cattery as we'll be away 3 nights and I don't have anyone I would trust to come and feed him. I feel he is too young to be left alone for long periods. He'll be 5 months old by then. However the cattery don't want to take him as he won't be neutered. The reason for this is because no vet in this country will neuter until 6 months!

I'm stuck here. I'm really not keen on taking Harry with us as it's 4 hours in a car which I know he would hate and my mother has 2 cats one of which would probably attack him. Plus he would be left alone in a strange house all day as everyone will be at the wedding.

He doesn't spray at all yet. This could change within 6 weeks and this is the reason the cattery won't take him. This country drives me nuts sometimes! I'm considering changing my plans altogether but that will really suck.
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Err, that's supposed to read 'logic'!!
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Well no-one had any suggestions (not that I asked!!) but the problem has resolved itself thankfully. I got onto the local vet and he is going to talk to the cattery guy tomorrow and tell him there is minimal risk of Harry spraying at 5 months. So the cattery guy will hopefully take him.
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Would the vet clinic be willing to board the kitten for you if the other guy can't? Or even one of the vet techs in his/her home?
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I haven't asked that particular vet but there is another local vet (who I won't use as his reputation precedes him) that has boarding kennels that are apparently tiny. A girl I know took one look at them and took her cat straight back out. Hopefully this guy will relent. There are other catteries out there but this one came highly recommended to me.

I'll find out tomorrow I guess!
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good luck!! I would think he would make an exception on a vet recommendation
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I'm glad your problem is resolved! I am extremely fortunate and blessed to have Dr. Kerry, who is a country vet. He doesn't care if your animal is spayed or neutered or any such things, he'll just take your critter right in to board for you. They let the cats out in a cat run for 2 hours per day, and the cats have large 4x4 cages anyway. The dogs are in an indoor/outdoor run, and they are fed however and whenever you would like. I hope that your own vet can help you get Harry into the cattery, and I pray he stays safe while you are away!
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I hope he is persauded by your vet! That's a very frustrating situation.
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Thanks for all the good vibes guys. It's going to be hard enough to leave him for a few days; I just want to make sure he's very well looked after while I'm gone!
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Good luck! I've never had to leave my cats with anyone luckily, I've just had someone come and care for them when I'm gone...usually my brother is willing to, but I've also 'exchanged' care with a friend which worked out very well. She lived nearby and when I would go out of town she'd care for my pets, and when she went out of town I'd care for hers.
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