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iv just made one of the hardest desions SP?

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of my life.
i have decided to rehome 3 of our beloved cats
we have 14 cats at the moment this isnt a problem as i can care for them all and none of them goes without. but we have hit some problems which we have tried to overcome but failed.
first is the stray we took in at the begging of the year a 3 year old male who we had cleaned up and neutered, his a lovely cat with so much love but very terrortorital and will bully my cats and not let them into the house, and also is still spraying everything in the garden which the kids play on.
second is lilly my baby i took her in 1 1/2 years ago who was pregnant who lost the litter had a c section ect.. then got out had another litter last augest which we kept all spayed/neutered now aswell. but she has turned into a demon cat, i belive it is because of the amount of cats in the house now as she will attack every single one, and wont even come into the house no more she expects me to feed her outside, this is no life for her as she is still so very loveing, we have someone comming to look at her today and it will be so heart breaking.
the thrid is lillys daughter who is nearly a year old, she has gone the excate same way as her mum but still comes into the house luckly enough. iv tried freaway SP? etc.. and nothing is working, when no other cats are around they are the perfect cat.
please tell me im doing the right thing by them, by rehomeing them somewhere where they will get so much love and no other animals to contend with? i just want to do what is best for them even if it will break mine and the kids hearts(they will never forgive me)
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I think you're doing the right thing especially if you manage to find good individual homes where each one can rule the roost. It doesn't sound like an easy decision for you and not one you've taken lightly so I wouldn't hesitate to support you.
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thank you, iv never ever given up any of my animals as there apart of the family, but i just dont know what else to do, they have all been vet checked so all are healthy so i know it isnt a health issue, plus its been going on for a good few months now. lilly has been like it since she was spayed back in october. and forest its been about 2 months. but i will find homes for tom and lilly first and maybe without the *bullys* forest may calm down then she wont have to go anywhere. dont get me wrong some of my cats will have the odd swat at each other, but this isnt just the odd swat, all the other cats are scared of them they wont even walk past them they cower away.
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Tasha.....the love and time and opportunity you give these furkitties is astounding, ALL you can do is your best and you do that, I believe you are doing the right thing, these kitties will be happier in other envioirments which suit their needs and ONLY you can decide this for them. You are doing the right thing hun, and never doubt your heart and intentions, for it is all out of love and best interest for the kitties. Bless you and I KNOW you will find them loving homes, it will all work out, I know it
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Tasha, I have to agree with the others. If the cats are that much of a problem and disturbance to your family and the other cats, maybe all will be better off if they are in new homes with fewer cats?

Good luck to you and congratulations on your recent wedding!
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Actually, you are looking out for the cats and not yourself. That must be an extremely hard decision to make Some cats are just single household cats and they are just calmer and happier alone without other cats around.

Im sorry you are having to face this but its really big of you to look after their welfare too.
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I think that is a great decision, as hard as it is. I admire you for saving so many kitties and giving them good lives. And even rehoming them, they'll still live a good life, better than they would if they were strays. And I'm sure you will find them great forever families. =)
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IMO you did the right thing. Some cats have their own "limit" on how many is comfortable. And if it means rehoming some to a single cat home or only 1-2 others, then do so.

I would not pick on you for giving up - I'd do the same thing if one of the cats could not get along with the rest (I've rehomed some of my pedigree cats to single cat homes with no problems).
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thank you everyone for all your comments it dosnt make me feel like such a bad person now, i just hope in the long run its the best thing for them.

on a good note we think we have found the right family for lilly, were just waiting on a vet refence and were going down to theres to meet them and see where they live etc.. then see what happens.
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