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Smudge just hissed and spat at me!!!

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Little cow!!! She is such a piggy when it comes to food. We have 2 wet food bowls and put a heaped teaspoon of wet food in each bowl in the evenings - one for Smudge and one for Stumpy and Lily. Stumpy doesn't normally eat wet food but she'll occasionally have a little bit.

Smudge always goes to the other bowl just to make sure she's not missing out and will try to eat all of both bowls. And because Lily's so sweet, she lets Smudge steal her dinner.

Well, Smudge was at Lily's bowl before (even though her bowl was full), so I picked her up to move her back to her food and she made a big hissy, spitty sound at me! Little bag....

Poor Lily ran off in fear
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Aw, you can't be talking about sweetie Smudge!
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Sweet cuddly Smudgie!? Nah! You must have been asleep and dreaming
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lol i hve to watch easy and heyu, cause eazy will try to eat heyu food hehe
but really are you sure that kitty was sumdge?
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Scratch will do the same thing. He is the biggest cow kitty I've ever seen, and has no problems pushing 8-Bit or Dr. Claw out of the way to eat their food.
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Sounds like some kitty was a hungry kitty!
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I'm sorry, I just cannot allow myself to believe that adorable, beautiful, wonderful, sweet Smudge would do something like that.
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You remember this photo??

She's STILL like that!! From when she was but a few weeks old she pushed the other cats away from their food.

Whenever she finishes eating she has food all over her face and spend ages cleaning it all off. The tag on her collar is currently covered in wet food that is now all crusty.

You do NOT get between this kitten and her food!
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Awwww, the little scamp!!
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That is one kitty who likes getting into her meal...literally and figuratively speaking!
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