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Following recent events, I wish to point out the right (and wrong ) ways of advertising your site/product/service on TCS.

In threads
Advertising any cat related services and products, cat forums/boards/chats, cat informational sites in threads is allowed only in the market place forum for members with the right posting privileges. It is not allowed in threads anywhere else on the site. Please note that once you have the posting privileges for it, you are more than welcome to promote non-cat related products and services in the Market place as well.

In signatures
Members may have a link in their signature to their website once they reached an "Adult Cat" status (100 posts and 10 days of membership). This can be a cat-related service or website, but not a directly competing article site or cat related forum.

In PM's
While we do not monitor private messaging, we ask that members do not use PM's to advertise or promote any site, product or service. That includes invites to other communities, services or forums. These will be considered spam and handled accordingly.
If you wish to advertise your site in any way, please wait till you have enough posting privileges and do so in the market place forum.

We also have paid advertising options on the site. Contact me for more details if this is of interest to your business.