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January's Contest Announcement- Name That Contest-  

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Because of the upcoming Holidays, this announcement is being posted early. Also because of the holidays- the winner of Last Month's Contest "Dance of the Tiles" is being announced also.

CONGRATULATIONS goes toConnie Stevens!! Out of 55 players she wins first prize (though some of you should win just for the number of times you played! LOL bren1, heidi, you all know who I am talking about!)

Ok TCS Members- time to put on your thinking caps and start pondering what type of contests you would like to see offered here in the forum every month? Post your ideas here in this thread and starting January 15, 2003 we will have a poll and the member with the winning idea will take home the first prize:

A beautiful commemorative plate with a mother cat and her kitten on it. (For the collectors out there- this is a Goebel Second Edition).Also the discoloration is from my scanner, there is no discoloration on this beautiful plate.

Your friends can help you win by voting, but they must be registered to vote.
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That is a beautiful plate Hissy! Anyone would be honored to win it!!! I wish I could think of a really great idea for a contest, but I can't seem to think of one right now.

We could have one where you posted a whole bunch of pictures of the members cats and then asked who the owners of each cat were and whoever correctly guessed the most could win the prize. That's probably a dumb one, but all I can come up with at the moment.

How about a big crossword puzzle with cat related words in it or something like that. Guess that wouldn't work very well on the internet. :tounge2:

Maybe a game where there are clues hidden in some of the posts and clues to which threads to look in...I don't know...guess I'm not going to be winning that plate anytime soon!
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Debby - those are not such bad ideas actually... so whatI suggest is you all give it a hard think and then submit one idea each. Just pick out what you think is your best idea and submit is as a post titled - Official Submission or something like that.

Oh, and take your time thinking but if you think you've hit a good one then don't take too long or someone else may beat you to it!
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Here some of my ideas!

Take a picture of a specific breed of cat, cut it into 20 cubes, remove 19 of them and get us members to guess the breed. Randomly add more pieces to the puzzle each day. The person who guesses the breed first wins.

Get us to take pictures of our cats in clothing. The silliest costume wins. This may not be to great since not everyone can get their cats to wear clothes!

How about pictionary? But we'll name it Cationary? Someone with the skills to draw can post pictures of clues to the answer, or post photos of clues to the answer. It could be like Caption This, put up clues daily and the members answer them the same day. We could make it a monthly contest and the person with the most correct answers wins! This may not go over to well, but I thought it was a cool idea!

I will think more, but so far that was alot of thinking!!
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bump! great ideas keep em coming....and don't be surprised that even if you don't win the prize, your ideas will show up as an actual contest on here.
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My official submission:

Internet crossword puzzle (if anyone can figure out how to do that!! )
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Folks send in their photos and we vote on them! This should be a riot! Kitties in mid jump, sliding off the chair, stealing a toy, etc..
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That's a great idea!!!!
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Word scramble
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Cat facts trivia - could even be an ongoing monthly contest with Q&A changing monthly; could be breed specific or about health, nutrition, general knowledge, myths and lore, etc.
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I saw something similar on another is kinda like a scanvenger hunt, but without clues...basically you randomly hide a picture all over the website. Then we have to go find as many as possible (setting a minumum limit), detailing the page we found it on. This gets the entire site looked at, and gives the searcher the opportunity to read up and possibly learn something new that they never throught to look for before .
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I just had a thought-

How well do you know the members? Questions will be posted and a puzzle will be presented. You answer the questions based on members information and gradually you will see everyone's handle or board name show in the puzzle if they are used.
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"Caught in the act" shots. A pic of your cat in the most disagreeable situation. ie; high in a closet, in the little space behind the couch, about to eat the electrical wires. Basically doing a 'no no'.

what is bump?
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bump is just a way we have to keep the post up front when it falls behind the line. Any post on the board no matter how old, if you respond to it, the program sets it first in line until someone else posts then it just falls off the top slowly.
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I see,
said the blind man,
peeing into the wind,
"it's all coming back to me now"
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How about Wheel of Fortune but with cat related themes? We could call it Wheel of Furtune? LOA

Or how about Jeopurrdy instead of Jeopardy?

Jigsaw puzzles are always good fun! Take a photo put it together then submit what the photo is of.
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Ok - the poll is on so get people to vote for you!
I have entered most of your suggestions. Those who submitted more than one idea, I picked up one based on what is technically feasible and what I liked best :tounge2:

I am not closing this thread - to vote click here:

Thank you!
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Thanks to all of you who contributed and voted!

Since we are working on February's Newsletter, the polls are now closed and Heidi is our winner! Congrats Heidi! Heidi wins this great cat collector's plate, courtesy of Ruby's Antiques! Heidi, PM me please, I need your address and other shipping information!

ALL the ideas submitted are winners in our book and you will see these ideas developed into contests this year. So thanks again to all!

Speaking of January Winners- our own Deb 25 won Matchitt this month! Joey and Squirt will soon receive their own box of assorted catnip goodies! Courtesy of Catnipetc... Watch out Deb- I see stoned cats in your future!

Thanks again for playing all- more great games coming your way soon!
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Yeah!! I never win anything, so I'm really excited about winning this!

Congrats to Deb! That catnip gift pack looks really cool - I'm sure Joey and Squirt will have many happy kitty times with it.
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