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Calling the Bengal experts:)

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Tonight I met a lovely lady ...She told me he four month old "papered" bengal was 8 lbs ... I thought a bit big till she said the mom was over 20 and the dad was 30.... Now am I wrong to think that these are likely crosses or do some folks breed bengals this big... She claimed they were the BIGGER breed of Bengals??
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Hmmm.. she told you he was 8lbs? Did she weigh him?

Bengals are sizable cats and part of their weight is just lots of muscle usually but the 30lbs sounds just wrong. The occasional bengal male can get close to 20lbs but even that is rare.

I haven't heard anything about a "bigger breed of bengals" and that smells very fishy to me. Early generation Savannah cats can be very big though but they're not bengals. But all the big early gen Savannah cat males are sterile so that can't be your cats dad.

I think she's probably mistaken. This just doesn't add up.

My female bengal is a good size for a female cat, she was 7.5 lbs at 6 months old and now at 1.5 years she's 12 lbs.
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There are always exceptions to everything..............but 8 pounds @ 4 months, is extremely unlikely for any breed.

30 pound bengals simply do not exist, unless you have an old obese cat. There is also no such thing as "bigger breed of bengals". No distinctions of size are made within the breed.

Adult female bengals average 7 to 12 pounds.

Adult male bengals average 10 to 17 pounds.

Occasionally you'll get a big boy, running close to 20 pounds, but is not the norm.

Lots of people and even breeders will exaggerate the weight of the cat, because they feel so heavy due to the compact size and muscular body. Bengals are built like army tanks.

My silver boy Jack is a big solid boy and when you pick him up he feels every bit like 20 pounds, but on the scale he's just 16 pounds.

Along with the untrue rumor that bengals are hard to handle and unpredictable because they have some wild leopard blood, we also have the rumor that they are huge cats.

The Asian Leopard Cats in the bengal lines is a very small forest dwelling wild cat that averages 8 pounds in size. The bengal cat isn't going to inherit any size from those ancestors!
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Willing to bet that cat has the bigger Savannah or Servel in the background. I agree that the weight has to be wrong.

I was under the impression too that Bengals were big cats till I met them in person. the males are larger then Ocicat males tho. Oci males average 10-13 lbs, sometimes you get a 14 lb male. Charlie should end up about 11-12 lbs when fully grown (2 yrs old). I just weighed him the other day - 10 months old and 9.5.
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That is what I thought... yes I too thought Savannah

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I'm still having a hard time getting over how teeny Penny is - she's the same weight as Ginger but much smaller in stature, although she is packed with muscle and her neck is about twice the width of Ginger's.

I agree - sounds fishy to me.
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My Simba is a very small Bengal, or at least he is to me, because I am used to huge cats. Simba weighs about 10 lb max. He's a tough little guys, but he's not big at all.
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My boy Rajah is a little under 15 lbs and possibly still growing (he's 14 months old today), but at a much slower rate than when he was younger. We figure he might reach 16 lbs or slightly more by the time he reaches full growth. And he's pretty darned big. Even for a muscle bound Bengal, he's a big cat. His "sister" (who is actually his aunt but only 6 weeks older) is about 10 lbs. Even as solid and muscle-bound as they are, I can't imagine a 20 or 30lb bengal. That's just not right. I'm sure she's either stretching things a bit, or is somewhat mixed up.
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Well confused as the "breeder " gave her , her daughter and son kittens for "free" and intact she wants to mix them with Bob cat
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She wants to mix the Bengal with a Bobcat? or she already did? You mean a WILD bobcat? Those cats can get 25 or so lbs. Someone is out to lunch - you don't need to mix any more wild cat blood. Besides Bobcats usually kill domestic cats. And if they do mate the males are sterile.
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Hopefully she's so confused that she thinks a Pixie Bob is actually a Bobcat and that's what she hopes to breed them with!
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But even the Pixie Bobs are not that big! Sounds like another BYB who wants to create "designer" cats by just crossing 2 breeds....
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The thought of a 30 lb bengal is kinda scary.

You WILL pet me now!
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Originally Posted by Telynn View Post
The thought of a 30 lb bengal is kinda scary.

You WILL pet me now!

I think that's "you WILL feed me now!"

Right Betsy??
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OMG - I shudder to think of 30 lbs of either Rajah or Lily! Yikes!
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Or imagine Jack or Loki at 30 lbs and in the bathtub too; or getting nails cut
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