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I just got one today as a gift from a friend and this thing is AWESOME!

I can't believe how much hair is coming off of Tonka.. I swear, it was enough for 3 kittens

My only complaint is that his hair is so fine/soft that it floats around and I have to go back with his other brush to get it off him.

Tiger won't let me touch him with it though Nor will the Cat Brats.

But Tonka is following me around meowing wanting me to keep brushing him
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Dang, I want one, but I know only one of them will let me get close with the makes it hard for me to justify the purchase. Good for you, though! I'm jealous!
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I love that silly brush too! Best purchase I've made for the girls in a long time! I have to sort of follow them around and brush as we walk sometimes, but Mooch will get into it. Noodles' fur is very fine and floats around too. I keep a tissue handy and grab off that fur and put it there, along with the gobs of hair the brush gets.
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I have ordered a furminator - now waiting for it to get here!

It sounds SO good! I can't wait to try it out on Peedoodle - he has such a thick undercoat so it will be interesting to see the results.
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The cats have been shedding so much because of the heat, I may just have to check it out!
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It does work really well, but Riley goes nuts when I try to brush him

I am covered in scratches from my daily attempts!
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Everyone here loves it but would think I was killing her Alycia you should have taken pics of the hair
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Everyone here loves it but would think I was killing her Alycia you should have taken pics of the hair
Oh I should have! I will get pics, I promise
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Oh, isn't it the most amazing?!?!?! I love mine!
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You should see all the hair I got out of my Golden Retriever with the furminator... WOW, it was a lot, and she doesn't even have a thick undercoat/coat like many Goldens have...
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I love the furminator too.

I was at a Petsmart adoption event, looking at the cats. The volunteer lady was brushing a black cat and I was amazed at how much fur came out. So I asked her what kind of brush that was and ordered one shortly after.

It's great, that is if I can get my cats to cooperate during brushing.
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My furminator arrived - WOW!!! It is especially great for Peedoodle as he has a double coat so it will get a lot off him! I already got half a catful of fur just from his bum!
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