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Im going to be a...........

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Aunt!!! For the first time ever-my brother and his wife are going to have a baby!!! I am over joyed you could say!!! The Dr says shes probly 5-6 weeks and gave her an est. due date of March......I hope all goes well with the pregnancy! Shes been a very sickly girl and has lost a bunch of weight~in fact her Dr told her that she better not lose anymore weight!!

Buuttt, yes I am very excited!!
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Oh YAY... Congrats I LOVE being an Aunt it's so much FUN!!!
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Yay!!!! Congratulations! I LOVE being an Aunt!!!
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Ohh, how exciting! Congratulations!
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Congratulations!!! A little one you can spoil rotten and then give back to parents. Thats the kind of kids I like!
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Awesome! I love being an aunt - I hope you enjoy and don't spoil the little one too much!
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I wont ever be an aunt. My DH and I are both only children...

So, I say, spoil him/her enough for me too!!
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Isnt it so exciting, when my brother met his wife dude she already had a baby so I pretty much became an aunt right then and there and 5 years later they have 2 more kids ! Its always great to be an aunt (I also like that I can spoil them and well give em back ) But its just so great to become an aunt for the first time

Hope the pregnancy goes well
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Oh yay!! Congratulations!!!!
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