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Rough vet visit...

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Today was my big veterinary day...I took both the kids in, one in the a.m. and one in the p.m.. Sunny had 4 shots this morning, and he didn't handle it well at all!! I have NEVER seen him in such an all out, hysterical, spaz out, hissy fit! He literally looked like the tazmanian devil, at one point he was fighting so hard they lost their grip and he fell off the exam table.
{Now I understand how parents feel when I have to stick their kids and they're screaming!}

He was okay at home, but when I got back from taking Molly he wouldn't let me get near him without hissing! He NEVER does that, out of the 2 I expected him to be the best one...NOT!

Now, he's hiding under the table in chairs, hissing at everyone who peers at him and won't eat. I bought them some fancy food as a treat, he wouldn't go near it. He just looks like he feels rotten. I can understand him feeling bad, but he's never acted like this!
The DH says he'll be back to normal soon, but I've got this little panicky feeling that I've scarred him for life - especially when he wouldn't eat, he's always the hungriest!
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I'm sure he'll be fine. Three years ago, Pumpkin had to have bladder surgery for stones and had to stay at the vet for 7 days with a catheter in. The next time I had to take him to the vet after that, he peed on me. But, I just took him for the first time since then a couple of weeks ago and he did just fine. So, I'm sure he'll get over it and be back to his old self.
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Just like with human kids, vaccinations make out furries feel bad.

Cats are also very sensitive to odors, so maybe a dab of vanilla on the nose to remove the vet smells?

Remember you are doing the right thing, even if Sunny doesn't realize it.
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My old cat Penni used to act like that at the vet. It was pretty embarassing. In fact, she was actually intentionally not invited back to one vet - they suggested we find a vet who made housecalls for her! She even drew blood once when she clawed the vet's nose!

However, she recovered from the indignity of going to the vet pretty quickly usually, so I wouldn't worry too much!
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Molly is the one I expected to be really bad, they put her in a "cat burrito bag." The vet had to milk her anal glands, so they even broke out the welders gloves!! She screamed like a bunny rabbit!! That was pretty bad too, but now that she's home it's like nothing ever happened.
Sunny is my baby boy, and I just hate that he's acting like this, it makes me feel sooo guilty
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