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Ok... So I emailed the specialist the xrays today. The surgeon said that he wasn't comfortable leaving the pin in any longer for fear that it would cause nerve damage. He said that he would be willing to remove the pin tommorrow that way he could see how stable the bone was. He said that if he didn't feel it was stable enough, he could place another pin in his leg that would be secured in place to prevent this from happening again. I asked him if he could neuter the little guy at the same time... he said it would be no problem.

But wait, here's the best part.... He said, "don't worry, I'll do it all for no charge".

I LOVE THIS SPECIALIST... If you ever need a specialist and are in the tampa bay area. Go to tampa bay veterinary specialists! I just can't say enough about how awesome these people are! This totally made my day!!! I am just so happy right now!! There are still kind hearted people out there working for more then just the all mighty dollar!

Keep those vibes coming... Hopefully surgery goes well tommorrow!
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I hope everything goes well for him!!
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Sending all the best wishes and strong kitty get better vibes! If he feels too down about the neutering, just tell him that Pogue goes to be neutered Tuesday... (by the way, since he's a champagne pointed Tonk.. his little "fluffy parts" are dark brown... it's kind of funny to see such a startling contrast to the creamy white base coat). Anyway, thought you all might get a chuckle out of that, and that Cillian wouldn't feel so alone if he knew it was happening to kitties everywhere.
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Cillian is back at home now... He had the pin pulled and the vet said that his leg was already stable enough that he didn't have to put another one in. (Aren't kittens amazing?) 2 weeks and his leg is stable!!! The vet just said that he has to stay cage rested for the next 2 weeks or so until it is fully healed. He doesn't seem to miss his manhood. He's to busy eatting right now to care about much else.

I have a question though... Has anyone else ever noticed that when you shave a siamese type cat, that where you shave them seems to grow back darker??? It happened with another rescue of mine (Yuki) and and now Cillian's whole backside is coming back brown instead of the cream color he use to be. Am I just imagining it or is there a real reason?
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I just saw this and I've got to say, you have a wonderful heart and I wish there were more people out there who would go that extra mile for an animal in need like you are.

for your special Cillian.
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I don't know if the shaving has anything to do with it... but I do notice that they darken as they age. It may simply be that they're darkening naturally because they're getting older, and the shaving is.. just coincidental? Pogue is darkening up, fairly rapidly, so I know if I shaved him (or when he comes back from "snip snip" on tuesday) that he'll be markedly darker when it grows back in. He's the only one that I've had that has any known oriental background in him... had a Bengal that the breeder thought had Siamese in her background and she did the same thing, but all the Bengals did this as well.
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Cillian goes back to the specialist tommorrow. His other pin has started to move and the vet thinks it would be best to pull it so it doesn't cause him any pain when it starts to come out farther.
Otherwise he is doing really well. He runs and plays and thinks he's just as normal as any other cat.
We are having some problems introducing him to the other cats. He thinks everyone is his friend, so he runs right up to them and trys to jump on them. Needless to say, they don't take too kindly to it. He doesn't understand why they hiss at him when he does that.
His little dark butt is the funniest thing. He has a definate line where they shaved him. He's a beautiful off-white and then, BAM, brown with dark brown stripes....

I'll have to post a pic later...
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Please keep us posted!!! I'll be prayingfor the little guy.
What part of Florida are you in? I'm in Boynton Beach.
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Yeah for little Cillian! He is a "little warrior"

Let's hope he gets the hang of making friends...I bet he will be a very sweet kitty for someone. I can't wait to see a picture of him now.
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Surgery went well... He wasn't bothered by it at all.... Here are the pics I promised!

He looks sooo sweet...

Here you can see the little devil he is...

And here you can see the dramatic color change where they shaved him...
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What a doll!
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Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Things have been crazy.

So little Cillian is getting much bigger. He gets around just fine now. (Yesterday I caught him climbing my curtains)He's the sweetest little guy there is. All you have to do is look at him and he starts purring. He has become my little duckling. He follows me everywhere I go. (in the mornings particularly) And my husband has given him a nickname.... dinker butt. Every animal in our house has a nickname so I guess it makes him official.... I'll have to post some pics of him later... He still has his little "pants" from where he was shaved. Its the cutest thing....
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cool i hope he has a full recover if he is recovered fully
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Here's a picture of little Cillian with a couple of my other cats. You can see he has made himself right at home.
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Oh he is SOOOOO adorable!!!
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Cillian is just a doll!! He's official as in you're keeping him, right?
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Yeah, we're keeping him. I'm glad we decided to. I've fallen head over heels for this little guy. I really hope his personality doesn't change at all. He is just the sweetest little thing. When you go into the office, (where my cats aren't allowed) he sits outside the door and waits for you to come out. He follows me EVERYWHERE I go. He purrs non-stop. He loves to snuggle and give headbutts. He's just the most loving kitten ever. And on top of all that he is SUCH a handsome little boy. I love his copper nose and his white eyes (that have just a hint of blue).

You would never know that there had been anything wrong with him or that he had been through 3 surgeries to fix his legs. He's just as active as any other kitten I have known. The one vet didn't think he would make it through the night and wanted to put him down. But he just kept fighting. He's one lucky little kitten.

I'll have to get some better pictures. He's just so hard to get to hold still.
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Aww, what a doll!!! I just adore him.
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What a wondeful update!! So happy to read about another "TCS Board Magic" success Cillian is adorable Congratulations!
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OMG, what a little cutie-pie, and such pretty shading/markings!

Thank you for taking care of him--you're an angel.

I'm so glad to hear he's doing so well--but, how could he not, with all of that love you gave him?
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He is a hunny I'm glad it all worked out
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I just read this whole thread and OMG! Cillian is so pretty! He's too pretty to be a boy!What a story! I Love it! There are happy endings!
You are my hero! and you are his hero!I can't tell you how special you both are! Too Awesome!! I wish you nothing but the best!!! Your baby is a doll!

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Thank you for being such a kind person to help little Cillian!!! There really needs to be more people like you in this world! You stayed with him and fought for him. He is such a miracle baby!!
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Thank you all. I think my ego just grew...

I would like to think that there are people out in the world just like me who would do whatever it took to save a life. Let alone a life that had just begun. I guess I just enjoy helping others. (animals and people) Not only do I work for a vet and take in the unwanted/un-able-to-be-cared-for animals, But I'm an EMT who is in school right now to be a paramedic. I suppose it's just who i am. I know that there are a lot of people who wouldn't help out the way I have, But I really hope that there are more people out there who would. Otherwise, we are all doomed. A random act of kindness can make someones day (or even life for that matter). Cillian is the perfect example. Simply by my stepping up to help him, he got a shot at having a life. (a darn good one at that) I wish more would do the same. Thats why I love the website. Because there are people just like me who understand my passion for helping animals who need it. And even though I don't do it to make myself look like a saint or anything like that, I do appreciate the posts. It makes me feel good to know that someone thinks that what I am doing is something special...


(I'll still trying to get a better pic of cillian. Everytime I look at him though, he starts purring and runs to me... He just doesn't sit still...)
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Originally Posted by Shorty14788 View Post
(I'll still trying to get a better pic of cillian. Everytime I look at him though, he starts purring and runs to me... He just doesn't sit still...)
He loves his Mommy!!
He sounds like such a precious boy!!! Give him lots of kisses for me!!
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Originally Posted by Shorty14788 View Post
(I'll still trying to get a better pic of cillian. Everytime I look at him though, he starts purring and runs to me... He just doesn't sit still...)
Just set the camera on a tripod with a timer and take a pic of the both of you.

Very lucky cat I must add
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I finally got some pictures. He didn't sit still for long, so they aren't the best quality but here ya go...

Cillian with Pheelicks, Weeble, and Mew

He just woke up from his nap...My flash wouldn't work so he looks darker in these pics...

When I look at the first pictures of him, I can't beileve how big he's gotten!!! I would dare say that he has been accepted by the other cats as part of the family.

His face is so short and his ears are so rounded... I know he's a mixed breed cat...But what would you all guess he's mixed with? Whatever it is... Its a cute mix...
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He's just a darling! I just want to scoop him up and snuggle him!
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