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Need vibes for another rescued kitten!

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I did it again... anyone who has read my posts knows I'm a bleeding heart who cant say no to an animal in need...

I need some serious vibes for a kitten. He was hit by a car. These nice people brought him in to try and help but they couldn't afford to fix what is wrong with him. Not to mention his outcome is still very iffy... So what did I do... I took him in to help make him better.

He had some head trauma... but it didn't seem to bad, we still aren't 100% on if he has any internal damage. What we do know is that he is aneimic, and both of his back legs are badly fractured and will require surgery to fix them. Right now we are trying to get him stable enough to handle surgery.

This little kitten needs MAJOR vibes and prayers that he can get well enough to have surgery. He is only about 12 weeks old. Please keep this little guy in your prayers...
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Saying a prayer for the little guy to get stronger and better.
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sending prayers for the little guy, hopefully he pulls through, and thank you for doing your part in caring for him, it takes alot of strength and heart to do that
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MEGA for the little fella!! I sure hope he gets strong enough for the surgery.
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Vibes flying from Toronto for this poor little baby!
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Awww Bless his heart...many vibes for this sweet kitten.
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That poor kitty.Sending lots of get well wishes and vibes
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He seems to be doing well so far... Unfortunatly, the vets I work with dont feel comfortable just pinning the leg because of where the fractures are at. I have to take him to a specialist to have them plated instead... Now I have to figure out where to get enough money for the surgery. Before I was expecting under 1000 dollars... now it looks more like 2000 - 3000 dollars... I dont think my yard sale this weekend will raise THAT much money...

keep sending prayers and vibes our way!!!!
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*mods, i now think it may be better for this thread to be in the cat sos section. if you agree please feel free to move it*

Does anyone know of any groups or agencies that offer assistance for animals in the situation this kitten is in? I refuse to give up on helping this baby... If I have to, I will get a new credit card or refinance my house to save this baby but I was hoping it wouldn't have to come to that. I made a promise to this little baby that I would save him... and no matter what I WILL keep that promise.

Also I was hoping for help on picking a name for him. These are what I was thinkg about so far...

Tabansi - means "one who endures"
Keitaro - means "fortunate"
Ahiga - means "he fights"

I would like a name to suit his situation... I also like names that are unique...
Any ideas? he is a 12 week old male. he looks like a lynx point siamese but then again I'm not that good with the whole color point thing...

I'll post a picture of him a little later...
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I like what Ahiga means.

I will donate to the fix the kitty fund...

I will pledge $10. Where do I send the check?

People like you who take in these babies and try to fix them deserve all of the help you can get.
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Originally Posted by Shorty14788 View Post
If I have to, I will get a new credit card or refinance my house to save this baby but I was hoping it wouldn't have to come to that. I made a promise to this little baby that I would save him... and no matter what I WILL keep that promise.
Just look up CareCredit. It's for vet and medical bills that may be too big... I'm considering it once I get my 'history' under control.

Also, talk to the specialist... I'd think they would have some sort of financing option or payment plans...

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Oh he is sweet! Good luck and I hope that you can get financial assistance for him

BTW - I also like the 3rd name.
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He's precious. I hope you are able to help him. Such a sweet little thing.

Many for him.
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Great news! I called tampa bay veterinary specialists today to schedule a surgical consult. I have never personally delt with them before but I must say... I was VERY impressed with their service! I had been to another specialist in the area with my cat who has brittle bone disease and had a VERY bad expiriance. (they let him jump off the table and he fractured a leg) So I was not going back there again. Anyway, so when I called tampa bay veterinary specialists, they said they didn't have any appointment openings until the 31st... But if I wanted to come through the emergency department the little kitten could have surgery on monday... I told them I was trying to keep the cost down and would prefer not to hospitalize the kitten there over the weekend. They transfered my call to a tech who was near the surgeon. He said if i could bring the kitten down right away, that he maybe able to do surgery today. So I raced the kitten down there. Within 5 and 1/2 hours, of my first call, my kitten had surgery and was recovering. He managed to pin both legs. (He wasn't sure if he could because of the kittens anemia and the risk of having such a little one out for so long.) But he did it... He said everything went perfectly and he is coming home with me tomorrow!!!

More good news.... The doctor said that the MOST it would cost would be around 1,500 dollars. Plus, since I work for a vet, I get a professional discount of 25%!!!

For now I guess it will have to go on my credit card... some people from work are donating things for my yard sale to raise money... (Including a sofa bed thats hardly been used!)

So things are looking good for this little guy...

Keep the name suggestions coming... I'm still having a horrible time deciding!
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Mega continued for the poor baby.
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I think we may have picked a name for him finally...

Cillian - Irish - means "little warrior"

what do you all think?
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Well, the little guy is at home now... He is doing great! He up and walking already! I have him staying in a large dog crate though to keep him from moving too much. I had to make the smallest e-collar we have even smaller because he is sooooo tiny. I didn't want to have to put one on him but he kept trying to pull out his sutures. I'll post some pictures of him and his bald little behind later...
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I'm sending all the get well vibes I can. I'll send another contribution to help.. send me the address again. It's only a small donation, but that baby just looks so like my RB kitty Tavi that it breaks my heart even more than usual.

We had a cloth e-collar for Joyeux.. she occasionally tripped on it, but it didn't jar her when she rammed it into things. It worked very well, though, even though we had to take it off when she ate or drank. Hehe, she looked like a little bluebell with it on. Anyway..

I'm so glad he's doing well. What a brave little darling! And I like the name.
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This is little Cillian after surgery...

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Aww, what a sweet little baby. Bless his heart and bless you for saving him, sending many good vibes to little Cillian that he continues to get better!
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I am so glad that the vet was able to help and so quickly!

I hope that your yard sale goes well and you can raise some much needed funds..
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Bless the little darling, it just makes my heart warm to think of what a little trooper he is. Kind of makes all my petty problems pale in comparison.
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Well, with all the rain, I haven't been able to have a yard sale yet...

Little Cillian has coccidia. I'm not surprised...

He is doing really well... Right now he is wrestling his toy mouse...

He can walk, run, and play just like a normal kitten. It's kinda hard to keep him calm. I have had him staying in one of my dog crates. But when I open it to feed him or love on him, he comes flying out! He just wants to run and play and be loved on... He is so full of life! His favorite thing to play with seems to be his tail.

His stitches come out on thursday. The he can finally have the head collar off. But he'll still have to be cage rested for at least another 2 weeks... maybe longer depending on how he's healing...

I wish I had a web cam so you all could see what kind of a maniac he's being. He's attacking his bed, his tail, and his toys. Running in the litter box, out of the litter box, back in the litter box. Croutching down, springing up and attacking his bed some more...He's all over the place! What a nut!!!

Well I have to go back to work... Just thought I'd update you all on how he's doing!
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Aww, they're such little troopers. Goodness! They just don't seem to let anything get them down, do they? Sometimes I think humans could take a huge lesson (or five) from animals.
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I think something has gone wrong... Cillian started favoring his right rear leg this morning. I thought maybe it was just a little sore. Now he is hardly walking at all and I can tell that its his right rear leg thats causing him pain... He was fine yesterday... I'm bringing him in for xrays... I think the pin may have rotated or come out completely... I really hope not... If it did, that means more surgery. He'll either have to have it plated or amputated.

Please pray that he is just having a bad day!!! I really dont want to have to put him through more surgery... Not to mention, I dont know if I can afford another one... particullarly not having a plate put in at the specialist again.

Right now he's just looking at me with very sad eyes... I just know that something has gone wrong.

PLEASE let me be wrong...
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Oh no! I hope he's all right! Sending lots of good luck and extra healing vibes!
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Bad news... his pin in his right leg is backing out... that means he will have to have surgery to remove it. We are just hoping that it stays where its at until there is enough bone healed. If it backs out too far too soon, he may require an amputation. So keep sending those vibes. I know it may sound bad, but at least the discomfort is keeping him from moving around too much. He is on pain meds now, but you can tell it bothers him to walk on it.

He got his sutures out today. He was very happy to be able to clean himself. (he spent an hour tidying himself up)

I guess I will just keep hoping for the best. At least if it is just the pin removal and not an ampution, it will be relatively inexpensive. (The vet said he would neuter him at the same time. so it is basically the same cost as a neuter plus about 25 - 50 dollars for the pin removal itself...)
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How long does he need to stay subdued and will immobilizing the leg help to keep the pin from traveling any further? Is there any way to keep him from helping the pin to move or is it all just luck based?

Sending lots of stay put vibes to that pin.
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