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Dagnabbit..hold still!

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Over the last few days, Freeway Carbuckety's tail seems to have really filled in and bushed out, becoming nice and fluffy....and noticeable

This afternoon, Freeway hopped onto the "Cat Shelf" I set up about the computer desk, and he made a discovery....he was being followed

Freeway and....the tail
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That is soooooo funny!!!! I like how he's cleaning himself and twitches his tail and he realises IT'S STILL FOLLOWING HIM!!!!!

He better be careful making himself dizzy while on a shelf like that
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Too cute!
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Haha, he did catch it in the end though! LOL What an entertaining little cutie he is!
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That is soooo cute! He's a funny lil guy! But growing so fast!!!
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OMG! That made me laugh so hard

There is nothing funnier than a pet chasing its own tail
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Ari's tail was his favorite toy as a kitten.

It still entertains him on occasion...
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he must have been so dizzy after that! Poor little guy with that mean old tail chasin' him...reminds me of the neighbor's dog trying to run away from a turd attached to a ribbon he ate
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Freeway's a funny little boy!
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what a cutie!
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That is hilarious, his own built in toy
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