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99 degrees. The Air Conditioner is putting up a gallant fight, but it seems to be losing.

How is everyone else?
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Bleuch. Sticky. It's actually raining now, finally. I just wish a big storm would blow through and clear up the humidity.
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Temperature 91°
Heat Index101°

I can't walk to the mailbox w/o sweat pouring off me
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Ugh, currently sitting in a building that has the AC turned off... its 87º in here right now.

Outside: 91Fº
Feels like: 101Fº

I hate South Carolina weather...
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It's 12 C here (53 F) and has been raining for two days. This is the northern hemisphere and it's supposed to be summer!
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It's only 82 here... but Ive been inside all day because I am at home sick
99 is hot, whoo I hate it when it gets like that (usually it is humid here when the temps are that high)... Its hard to breathe and I tend to pass out in that type of weather (for some reason, probably dehydration)
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We have 2 A/Cs and a fan going and so far, so good. I refused to step outside without scuba gear.
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Not sure what the temperature was today, but it was HOT! But I'm not complaining. It will be sub zero temperatures soon enough!
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It's 90 degrees right now but feels like 99 according to the weather site right now
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108, as of 20 minutes ago. Tucson is in its 36th straight day, of 100+ temps. The record is 39 straight days, in 1987 and 2005. My thermostat is set at 82 and I have all of my fans going.

We are under a severe thunderstorm warning, thunder is booming and, if it DOES rain, the temp will drop about 20 degrees. I may be able to sleep with my window open tonight.
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It's amazing right now, low 70s... but it's also 8 p.m. and pouring rain!
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My car thermometer read 97 as I was driving home but I understand the heat index hit about 105 here today. I think it's supposed to start cooling down on Friday.

If I close all the curtains and blinds, my home AC works like a charm.
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Very hot and humid here today as well. There are storm warnings for the area tonight so hopefully that will cool it down a bit.
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Right now its 75F (24C) with 79% humidity. A cold front is close to pushing through and the high temp for the next couple of days is only in the mid 70's.

Upper 80's return on monday however.....
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It was 91 at 7:00 p.m. We had huge storms tonight...Mike did you get any storms there like we got in Lexington...bad thunder and lightning and some areas got hail?
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Down to 91, at 7 p.m. The storms seem to going all around my neigborhood, just got a few sprinkles, around 4:30.
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It was high 80's today. Tonight we got a quick downpour and then it was hot AND humid. YUCK! Nice sticky weather to work in, but I'll never complain since I know I can go home to a nice a/c'ed house. I love the summer.
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It was sticky around here yesterday but not super hot, around 20°C. A wicked thunderstorm moved through here last night around 8:00 pm with high winds, heavy rain and even pea sized hail that stayed on the ground a few hours!

Hopefully today will be a little more pleasant. Long range forecast is showing a heat wave coming .... temps into the 30's C. Yikes!
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