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A Cats Mood For Attention...

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OK, today I was home all day and Socrates, by eldest son, kept getting on my lap, purring, butting his head into me and getting loved and rubbed. I love this and am always happy to oblige, even when I'm busy, I ALWAYS take the time for some love from my babies.

Noiw, with Socrates, he might stay for 30 seconds or 10 minutes, then he jumps off and does his own thing, usually lying on the back of the couch, the bed or looking out the window.

Except, today, he kept coming to me for little 2-3 minute sessions of rub, then he'd leave for 5 minutes and then he was back again and then...

Well, you get the drift, right? He was in a seriously affectionate mood all day and I was happy about it, but it's a rare thing from him to be this lovy because he is such an aloof little guy.

How about yours? Do any of you have strange little attention getters that your babies do?
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Simba (being part Siamese) is quite a talker. When he feels the need to be picked up, which is often, he lets out this long, pitiful meow and lifts his back leg off the floor to let you know he wants "up". Then he lays across your shoulder and purrs very loudly.

Around 11:00 pm each night, he stands at the foot of the stairs and "talks" to me to tell me its "bedtime". Or, if I say, "Is it bedtime?", he meows and runs up the stairs.

As our daughter says, "He can't help it, Mom, he was born precious"!
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Aren't they just the sweetest things? My husband says our new dog Bambi seeks too much attention, but melts in a second when Mishmish meows at him. She can be at it all night and he'll just pet her (in bed) and tell her how wonderful she is
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I have three cats and my siamese doesn't like to be held but is a lap cat and on her terms only. Mostly while I am at the computer. As far as the other two they love attention.
When my siamese starts her pitiful meow and is no where near me I know she is in need of attention right away. It's like she is dying and needs me to rescue her, lol.

To me cats will always find a way to get the attetion they need and I love to give it to them whether they are mine or someone elses.
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I think that cats little quirks for getting attention is really really cute.

Jake has this pityful little cry and he keeps doing it until he gets some lovin' and if you can try and imagine he makes sad puppy dog eyes at me.

Bagpuss climbs onto my back and licks my ears to get some attention. She also has a habbit of every morning at about 7am getting onto the bed walking up to my head and licking my nose and my ears to wake me up for an early morning cuddle. I really do not mind but I am not too keen on the fact that when I am asleep she walks across my face and her tail goes right across my face and it tickles (for those of you who do not know my two babes are persians)
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Chelli is a ratbag when he wants attention! LOL and being Siamese he has ALL the tricks down pat too! His latest trick is to walk into the bathroom about 2am most mornings and YOOOWWWWWLLLLLL ... you see he has worked out this is the room with the loudest echo and being close to my bedroom I am SURE to hear it! So I wake up and say "What's up Chell-Bell?" and he comes running back to bed and snuggles in! All he wants is for me to wake up and acknowledge his Royal presence!! LOL

Don't you love them?

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Chelli sounds like a prize! My siamese (before Simba) would come to the top of the covers and scratch at them to get in. She always slept under the covers with me all curled around my tummy. It took my husband a while to get used to that!

And when I was breastfeeding our daughter, my Susie was also on my lap at the same time - we never wanted her to feel displaced by the baby. She tolerated things from our baby daughter, like Jen grabbing her ears and her tail - that she would not take from anyone else and never once scratched or bit that baby.

Amazing aren't they!
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Simba's Mom your Suzie sounds totally precious
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I sit here and just smile to everyone who has a siamese, you guys are right, they know all the tricks to getting what they want, as do other cats. The first time I took Jasmine to the vet, she asked me "Does she talk alot?" I didn't know then what she ment for she was only a few weeks old. Boy do I know what she means now. LOL

Jasmine has a habit of looking for me in the middle of the night also. She meows and cries so loudly until she finally gets what she wants. That would be to sleep in the only place she likes to sleep, all curled up on my arm and it has to be the side my face is on. If I turn over she moves to that side. I don't know why it has to be where my face is but I love it!
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I am SO jealous! I want another Siamese. I was Godfather/Uncle to THE sweetest Siamese in the world til' she got sick at 16 yrs and we had to send her across the bridge.

But, she just loved her Uncle Chuck to death. In the 2 months I lived in her household she would sleep on her back, tucked under my arm and she wouldn't move for the entire night. She used to lie in my lap while we watched tv for HOURS and just lick and groom my hairy arms continuously until they became so raw I had to swith her direction and change arms.

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Maggie, my 8 month old kitten, will lay on her side with her paws outstretched and sort of "pull" or scoot herself along the floor until she reaches me. She does this very nonchalantly, like she's not doing anything cute or sneaky! She did this just this morning and ended up traveling about 6 feet just to get my attention! It's hilarious and always works. I can't resist her efforts!
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I just wanted to tell you a little something about "Susie's" mom, Sasha. Sasha was owned by my best friend and her husband. For some reason, every time I visited, Sasha would talk constantly to me and when I left she often went "into heat". When Sasha had her babies, Susie and two brothers, my friend asked if I wanted to come and see them, but to be forewarned that Sasha would not allow anyone near the kittens, not even my friend or her husband.

I went to visit, kept my distance but talked as I usually did to Sasha. I then went and sat in the living room. Sasha brought each of her 3 babies, one by one, into the living room and placed them in my lap, said something in "cat talk" and left the room. My friend and her husband sat in stunned silence and then my friend started to cry. Sasha, as I had said, would not allow them near the kittens, but she brought her babies to me.

When they were finding homes for the kittens, they felt they wanted me to have the only female of the litter - and that's how I got Susie!

Susie and I shared a special bond I have not experienced before or since - do you suppose it had something to do with the relationship I had with her mom?
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My newest kitty is a Tonkanese. Half Siamese and half Burmese. But reconized as a breed of it's own.She is 7 months old & "taking" more all the time. It's so cute. She is very serious about what she is telling me too! She loves to sleep right next to me, usually in the curve of my tummy. When she wants a rub she rolls onto her back & stretches way out as far as she can. It's amazing how long she is, when she looks like a little fur ball all the time.
It's so much fun getting to know her & watch her grow!!
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Well Lilly (aka Kittykitty) up until I got my new computer and furnature would leap on my back when I was sitting at the computer and would "kiss" the back of my ear! Now she goes from the arm of the couch, then to the end table, then she gracefully steps on to the computer desk, and finally jumps to the back of my leather chair! She has started nesting under my waterbed so it wont be long before I will have some babies running around here! I am so excited! Every morning when I wake up she stands on my chest then lays down exposing her belly for me to rub! I ask her "Are you going to have my babies today?" and she responds with a soft meow as if she was to say I wish!
As most of you know my hubby is a truck driver and is home 2 days out of 2 weeks! He is convinced that she is waiting for him to be home before she has them! She is my cat all but 4 days of the month but when hubby is home she sticks to him like glue! I think she is greatful to him for bringing her here to her new home!
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