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how do you like my new hair cut?

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This is not funny mama!!!!! I wouldn't do this to you!!!!!!!!!
what happen to are hair! Oscar this is not fair!!!!!!!!
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Oh my goodness!! They sure don't look happy!
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I never thought i would do this to my cats But the up keep on theses himalayans is really hard exspecially with my hours at work so i talk myself into it,The crazy thing about this is cricket and oscar go around hissin at each other! guess there scared of one another
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Oh those poor babies!!! They don't recognize each other anymore

The bottom picture looks like he's sticking his tongue out
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Poor monkeys! Look at those nipples! They certainly don't look too thrilled with their new haircuts. Keeps them cooler in the summer though.
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oh my God!!!! incredibly cute and the look on the face is so funny!!!! should be nice and cool though..
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Awww I think they look adorable!!!!!
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It looks good on you I love that cut. And once you get that little tummy tuck you will be outta sight
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I want to get that done with Crystal and Stormy but they might never forgive me! Your babies look adorable!!
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Aww, LOL! They don't seem too impressed but at least it will be much cooler for them.
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aww bless those sweethearts - at least they'll be cool
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