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Bad Day...Or week actually.

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Hey everyone. I haven't been around lately, hopefully you guys remember who I am. Things have been crazy for me lately...

As some of you know, I'm getting married on July 28th (only 1 1/2 more weeks aaaggghhh). Well, last week my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer (invasive ductal carcinoma to be exact). It has completely shattered my world. I have been moping around like a zombie & I have barely even talked to my fiance and I feel horrible.

I am just not in the mood for a wedding right now. To make matters worse, my dad finally told my little sister about the situation today and I just got off the phone with her after she screamed at me for not telling her when I found out. She feels very betrayed that No one let her know but I didn't even know how to go about telling her.

Ugh, what a day, what a situation. I don't even know what to do with myself right now. All I can keep thinking about is that my mom is going to die.

Sorry for bringing down everyone's moods, I just wanted to get all of this out and really didn't have anywhere else to do it.
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Very sorry to hear about your mom's condition . Hang in there
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oh hu i m sooooo sorry!! and dont feel bad, your not bringing us down. You can share anything with us, were here for you
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Oh I'm so sorry...
Hopefully when your sister calms down she'll realize that you didn't know how to tell her...she won't stay mad at you.
Maybe you should have a talk with your mom about everything you're feeling? I'm sure she would want you to be excited about your wedding.

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I'm so sorry, thats horrible news to find out right before a wedding. Did the doctors say that there's no possible cure? I'm not an expert on breast cancer, but I have an aunt that survived it. So maybe there's still hope?
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Oh honey, I'm so sorry! This is bad news any time, but especially horrible that it came at a time that is supposed to be so happy. I agree, talk to your mom. What is the prognosis? Anymore, breast cancer is not necessarily a death sentence. Medicine can do wonders now a days. She will most likely have to go through surgery and or chemo/radiation, but that doesn't mean you won't still have plenty of years left together. Find out exactly what is going on.

I know it's hard, you have to be strong for your mom, but you also have a right to be happy for you. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Of course I remember you I am so sorry about your Mom, I will pray that this is easily treatable. I'm sure your Mom wants you to go through with your wedding, in fact it might be just what she needs.
I know how devastating it is to hear that word Cancer, my Dad was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in May and I am still reeling from it
I am just a PM away if you need anything.
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Thank you to everyone who responded. We're not exactly sure what stage everything is in at this point, she meets with an oncologist on Tuesday, and we'll know more then. I printed out all of the information on the type of cancer that she has and brought it downstairs to my little sister (she lives in the same apt. complex as me). She didn't talk to me at all, but she did read the information and hopefully is feeling a little better. if things couldn't get worse....

We found out tonight that my fiance's father is cheating on his mother. One of Alan's friends saw him at a local car show with another woman. He called Alan and of course Alan called his mom. When we first talked to her after she foudn out she was driving around (which is horrible because we are having HORRIBLE thunder and lightening storms right now) but just recently went back to her house.

I mean, I can't make this up (sorry for the language). I just feeling like calling off the wedding. This is supossed to be the happiest time of my life and it couldn't be any more the opposite.

I don't even know what to do at this point, I'm at a loss.
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I'm so sorry! I can't even imagine. If the preparations for your wedding are such that you can postpone it without drastic inconvenience or cost, maybe that would be a good idea, just to take the pressure off.

But listen -- bad as all those things are, the only one that really matters right now is your mom. Forget the rest and focus on her, because that's the one you've got to handle now, and you've got to handle right.

If you haven't already done so, please call 1-800-ACS-2345. That's the national call center for the American Cancer Society, and there's an astonishing amount of help they can give you -- stuff you don't even know you need, they can provide it.

Some of their people are more helpful than others, so if you don't come away feeling you've been helped big-time, call back until you get someone who really digs into your situation and figures out everything they can possibly do to help you handle it in the best possible way.

Of all the cancers, breast cancer is the one with the most funding and the most support available -- your mom can get help from all sorts of organizations and volunteers. And they can help your whole family to cope with this, too. Please call!
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What is that number for? I mean, she is already in touch with doctors. It's just really wierd, it's very surreal because I never even thought I'd be in this situation. I know that sounds stupid but I guess I just always assumed that I'd die before my mom, and now the thought of her possibly dying (we don't know much yet) terrifies me.
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I am sorry you are having such a difficult time. I will keep your mother in my prayers.

Your wedding my be the highlight of her year - it will be a difficult time for her. I am sure she is looking forward to seeing you get married.

Good luck.
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