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Sick Stray Cat

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Recently a stray black long haired cat has adopted us as his new owners. He is not neutered and he is beating the living daylights out of our other cats. Do you think he'll stop beating up my cats when he's neutered? Also we have named him Darth Vader because he has heavy breathing and he sneezes. He has been sick for probably a good month and a half. I just have to get some extra money to take him to the vet, and we're going to soon but i didn't know that cats could hold an illness this long. He has also given it to the cat he beat up most often. His name is Aaron and he is currently living in our attic so he can recover. ANy ideas on this sickness???
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Sounds like an Upper Respiratory Infection. Vet visit is definitely a must, as URI can cause complications.

Good luck!
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A URI is definitely a possibility. My boyfriend's cat, however, is a very noisy breather. He always has been and we figure it may be a malformation of his nose. I would definitely try to get the kitty to the vet as soon as you can. In the meantime, keep him separated from your other cats (it's much easier to treat one cat than a household of them if Aaron's sick). When he's been cleared by the vet as well, look up the process on introducing cats (there are several slightly different ones out there) and follow the steps. That will help a lot in creating a harmonious feline environment.
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