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Pregnant Stray?

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i'm a newbie here and i have a question. i took in on sunday what i think is a pregnant kitty. she has that "i swallowed a baseball" look to her tummy and her "drinkers" as my 6 year old daughter put it are pink and sticking out, but i havent seen any movement yet. she's very tame and very healthy and clean so she must belong to somebody here. i did post a flyer in the front office to see if someone claims her. i have to keep her in my bathroom cuz i have a dog. I put towels and her food dish in the tub so i'm hoping if she has babies she'll do it in there. i can't really afford a vet visit as i just had the dog in for shots and all that, so my budget is tight. i'm hoping someone will claim her anyway. how can i tell if she is pregnant and how far along she might be? i tried to post a pic, but it won't let me. how do i post a pic? thanks in advance.
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i think you have to be a member for 24 hours and have 5 posts, but i might be wrong.
at about 7-8 weeks pregnant you should be able to start feeling movement. and at about this time start giveing her a good kitten food. it can be hard to tell how far along a cat is without a vet vist, but sometimes pictures do help. i can PM you and give you my email addy and i will post the picture for you if you like?
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I got her some kitten food today. She's been eating like crazy. I did see a slight flutter in her belly a bit ago.I finally caught her laying on her side. the fur around her nipples is gone. when I touched her belly, she didn't growl, but she let me know she didn't like it.
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on a guess i would say she is about 7 weeks maybe a bit more.
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So, could be a couple more weeks then? I just want to be sure i am here and ready so i can keep an eye on her. i think she is pretty young. probably her first litter..
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just make sure she is kept in from this point on so if she is any further along theres no chance of her having them outside.
now please dont take this the wrong way. but some vets will do a spay abort, but this is your choice and no one will judge you in anyway i was just letting you know there was other options, its very expensive to keep a pregnant cat and then getting her kittens wormed,fleed and shots and spayed/neutered each one. and they start eating a hole lot lol.
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She is inside and im gonna keep her in, i have her confined to the bathroom so the dog won't get to her. i plan on keeping them here till they are weaned and find them homes, i hate to sound cheap, but i figure whoever gets them can do the shots and all. i'm still hoping her owner will show up and get her. i have no problem with buying the food and litter for them. i know how exspensive the vet is cuz i take the dog on a regular basis. it's just i hate to put lot into the vet and all for her and the babies then her owner show up and not want to re-imburse me. of course if there is a problem i'll take them in, but im hoping she has a smooth delivery and everyone is fine..
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Today I can see the babies kicking away. How much longer do you think it will be? I've been trying to stay close to home so I can be here just in case.
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just now I went in to check her and she is trying to stuff herself between the tub and the vanity, I mean stuff, she's so big now, lol...She hasn't touched her food tonight, she used the litter box 2 times in a few mins. I've had towels and her food in the tub hoping she uses that to have the babies. I don't see any contractions, but could this be the beginning of something?

OH....She does not groom herself, ever...She's been here 8 days and i have never seen her groom...but she does wipe her feet on the edge of the litter box, lol...
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She might be having a few early contractions ... can you block off the area between the tub and vanity to ensure she doesn't have her babies in an unsafe place? Remember that with cats, anywhere they can get their head to fit, they will go ...
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I blocked it and she looked at me like i was nuts, lol...She's just laying in the floor now...I need to go to bed, but i don't want to leave her alone and not hear her...I feel like an expectant parent, lol...waiting for my child to have a baby, lol...
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Go ahead and stay with her ... she might need your help and if you can't hear her or supervise, she could hurt the kittens.
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I just peeked in at her and she's sound asleep right in the middle of the floor...She seems ok, i can see the babies moving...
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ok, is this early labor? she is extra clingy, heavy booty cleaning, well, trying, she can't really reach it now, but she's trying and i don't feel any contractions, but her front feet keep
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