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Colby? Do you know any good divorce lawyers?

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Mike is getting highly threatening to me because I won't share the lovely blanket you made me for Christmas! He is very jealous now and says I better share or else! I told him to go away, it's all mine!!! Thanks so much, it is so big, and warm and soft!!! So far the cats haven't discovered it- which is a good thing- because I can't divorce them!

Thanks again! I love it!!!!!!
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You scared me there for a minute, Hissy!! I thought...oh NO!!! And here I thought she and Mike got along so well!!! :laughing: That was a very sweet thing for Colby to do!
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:laughing: Can't say I blame him, those blankets are awesome!

I should post the instructions here for anyone who likes to do crafts. They are easy to make and so warm and fuzzy.

If anyone is interested, here are the instructions~

Purchase 2 yds each of complimentary fleece, for instance a 2 yds of a print and 2 yds of a solid.

Put wrong sides together (right sides out).
Some fleece is 58", some is 60", so line up the selvedge edge. You may need to shake it out a bit and smooth it. Careful it has a tendancy to stretch. Square the edges up and pin the top and bottom pieces together. Put one or more pins in the center, then scatter more around, maybe 8 pins or so. Can use safety pins or straight pins. Pin at least 4" in from the edges.

If you need to trim the edges to make them the same, do it now while both pieces are together. Square the edges up, and trim with scissors or rotary blade.

Cut a 4" x 4" square out of each corner.

Cut fringe every inch making the cut 4" deep. My friend said you can also put masking tape four inches from edge, mark one inch increments on the tape, and cut that way. Apparently a rotary cutter is easiest.

Cut all 4 edges, then tie the fringes into a squareknot. The selvedge edges are strechier, and the fringes will stretch a bit, just be careful. When you are tieing the knots, be consistent with which fabric is 'on top' .

MA, I'm sooooooo glad you like it!
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Is there a picture of this blanket? I love cuddly blankeys!
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We want pictures!
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These blankets are fantastic. I made one about 2 months ago for my daughter and she loves it. They don't take that long to make, and they are quite durable, even thru the wash.

There is a pic somewhere on the net...can't remember where now. But I'll find it and post it for you.
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Here is the link to the pic and instructions again too.

No Sew Blanket
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Thanks Daniela! I have printed that out so I can make that for my little boy. I cannot sew to save my life and so that will help A LOT!!!!
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That looks neat. Maybe, I'll make a couple, for the babies. The fleece should go on sale, soon and I can put them away, for next Christmas.
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Wow! That is cool!! I am going to have to make one of those for Amber!!! I just love fleece!!! They have a new kind of fleece out now that doesn't "pill" so bad, but I'm not sure if they have it around here....a lady on the internet made a baby wrap for Amber out of this new fleece and it is really neat!
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Cool!!! My son just happened to mention a little while ago that his quilt needs to be replaced. I might try making one of these blankets for him.
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