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Trying to decide on a birthday

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I have always tried to decide on selecting a birthday. It is more important to me since I transitioned Midnight to an indoor cat. I was thinking about December 19 since that is the day 7 years ago I moved into my place in Memphis and first met her.

Since she was abandoned (what I believe to bet the case anyway) I have no idea what her real birthday is. Tal's is July 17 so he just turned one year old!
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Sounds like an appropriate date to me. Some of us around here who've adopted (or been adopted by) older cats call it "Gotcha Day"
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For ease of remembering and if you don't know the exact birthday (but may know the approximate year/month; I go with making the birthday the first of the month.

We don't know Keno's exact birthday - only (from figuring it out) she was born in September - so Sept 1st is her birthday.
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If you can't figure out an approximate month then I would just with the "gotcha day"

Riley's fist vet check for shots, etc. when he was a few weeks old has a date of Dec. 15th that the vet estimated as his birthday so thats' the one I'm using.
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Happy Birthday Tal !!!

Easy was a stray pregnant kitten when I found her, so I just celebrate her birthday the same as her kittens (since she very soon after gave birth) and make her one year older than them.

I would celebrate Midnight's on the day you found her but with her approximate age.
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All of our kitties came from shelters, so I take the age the shelter estimates the kitty to be at intake and work back from the date the kitty was brought in to figure out a presumable birthday.

Except for my Clydie! His mother (now our Abby) was a feral who was trapped and brought to the shelter late one day... and the next morning, they found her in the cage with tiny little Clydie and four other newborn boys just a couple of hours old! So I know his birthday is March 14.
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Thanks for the ideas....and I'll call it gotcha day!

She is sucha sweet cat and of course neither her nor my Labrador are spoiled...no siree...no spoiled pets for this dad...uh huh...if you believe that, well...lol
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Summer's birthday isn't exact, however the shelter said it was 9/11/01! They just figured out she was 11 months old at her intake and went back 11 months to the day of the month it was when she came in!

We celebrate her "gotcha date" of December 6th instead. Hard to believe she's been with us almost 4 years!!!! Chevy's "gotcha date" will be October 28th. Don't know if we'll celebrate his as much though since we obviously know his birthday....
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I consider September 25 to be Mutty's birthday because that is the day she came into our lives and was probably around 5 weeks old at the time (if that).

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My dog Ginger just had her 11th birthday a few days ago! She was a stray so I set her birthday myself...
When we first found her the vet estimated her to be either 1 1/2 or 2 years old, and we decided it was more likely she was 1 1/2 because of her looks... So I made her birthday about 6 months from the date I found her, same date different month. My birthday is also in July so that worked out nicely... I celebrate her "finding day" (winter) AND her birthday (summer).
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