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so far, i have made a baby kitten scale of these sculpture in purple. I'll post a pic today. that was HARD! but really rewarding. so so far I can make .5oz kitties, 1oz, 1.5oz and 2 oz. those are all the smaller ones. the 8oz one I made is the large sculpture and it formed on aluminum framing.

so I can get a head start on the kinds and amounts of sculptures I'll list what everyone has suggested for combos...... and unless you stated a specific size, I'll assume was the 1.5oz size. this weekend i'll make the 'massager' size too.....

here are the combos, if you have another combo that you think would look really nice you can add it to the thread.


I won't post anymore in this until I get my etsy up and going and put an advert in the other forum.
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ok, it's up.....and i love my new pictures......i think these show off the colors way better.

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They are super cute!! Good luck on etsy - it's great over there...
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Those are so cool! I love the colors, especially the first one.
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The new one is such awesome colors! They all look great!!!
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Originally Posted by jean-ji View Post
Renovia, you amaze me! First your trance music and now the cats. You are very talented and I love seeing (and hearing) your artistic sides. What else do you do? Amaze me some more.
What is this I hear.... trance music?
Must have missed that thread!!!!

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yup, i was asking for advice on how to improve my composition....

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Hey, I just had a thought for you: surgical gloves! If you wear nice tight surgical gloves while you make your sculptures, you won't have to worry about fingerprints in them!
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thanks - i'll try that. most polymer sculptures i've seen unless they are really high end have a little finger print marking on them....but i guess i want to be high end huh??>??????

gosh - i know i'm not going to be able to leave my job on this stuff but i wish i could just have one little ounce of AHA! to find something people actually need.

I guess i could make dog sculptures and see if they'd sell them at this haute-couture (sp) store in the old port......hmmmmmm

i made a patchwork kitty last night........very cool for a first try.
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