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What about my other cat?

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had to put my cat down last night. It was an emergency decision. I came home from work and she was very sick and was having coordination problems and dizziness. I took her to the emergency vet and she was extremely anemic and the treatment to fix it and find out why was very expensive. So it was a rough night. But I guess the real reason I am writing is for advice. I have another cat and the vet had mentioned the possibility of several types of things that my other cat could also have been exposed to such as FIV( however I read through that and I doubt thats what she had, and she was tested negative when we adopted her), and FELV,( which sounds plausible). WHat is the likelihood that my other cat has this and I should have him checked as well? Anyone been through this before. Niether of them went outside ever and they were both negative when I adopted them. My other cat seems fine, no symptoms of distress except looking for Trinity in the house. Thank you for your imput. I just know that I couldn't go through this experience again with my other cat anytime in the near future, it would be too much.
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I'm sorry to hear about Trinity.

Usually the test for FIV goes along with a test for FeLV. It's a combination test. If they were both negative and stayed indoors and didn't come into contact with any other cats, then it seems unlikely that either one would have FIV or FeLV. The basic test for those is fairly inexpensive (I pay around $29)...I might do that for peace of mind if there's any doubt.

Is there any chance she got into something (plants, chemicals, rodent poison)?

I'm so sorry to hear the news.
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I am so sorry to hear about your baby...if I were you, for peace of mind I would take your other kitty to the vet to get checked out!
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& definitely sit down with your surviving cat & explain what happened to Trinity & that she's gone over to the Rainbow Bridge. it'll help, believe me. it helped Pixel - Mouse left the house, went to the vet's, & never returned. i think explaining to Pixel helped her a great deal, as did having Cable around to take up the role of companion.
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I will probably take him in just to make sure he is okay. She didn't get into anything, I checked. Besides they did a blood test last night and she only had 8% red blood cells and she is supposed to have 37% at the least so she was sick for a while and we didn't notice. SHe had been lethargic but I thought that it was due to the heat, since we didn't ahve our AC yet. I am trying hard not to feel guilty about it but there was really nothing that we could do. It has just thrown me into panic mode about my other cat.
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Have you ever found fleas on them--even just one? It could be haemobartonella, where parasites attack the blood cells and cause anemia. I would have your other cat in for testing as well to bring you peace of mind. I'm very sorry for the loss of your other cat.
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Very sorry to hear about your loss I would take your cat to the vet just for the peace of mind. And in the worst case, if something may be wrong, you will catch it early.
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I'm taking him on Saturday. And to the previous question, no fleas, however I don't really know Trinity's history. We adopted her and she had been getting over being really sick and she lost her leg, she was a three-legged love bug. I know that she was negative for FIV and (FeLV as far as I know) as they would have out her down if she was positive as per the Animal care and control policies. So I would gamble to say she did not have these and my Morty was tested negative by the ASPCA where I adopted him so it's really unclear what happened. So anyway I got the appointment for him on Sat and I will kleep you posted. You all here have been really great, it is hwalng just to blab on and on, cause most people don't have the patience and think that grieving a cat is weird. I think the hardest thing today was coming home and her not here and watching my other cat, look for her.
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