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Wet food for kittens

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I have read several places here that wet food is better for kittens. Well, NONE of mine like wet food. I have tried mixing it with the dry and they eat all the dry kibble out and leave the wet behind. So, I gave up and just feed the dry, Nutro Kitten. Is this a concern? Should I go back to trying different wet foods?
They do drink plenty of water.

Also, when should they switch from kitten to adult food? Especially, the momma cat. She is barely nursing anymore - when should she stop eating kitten food?
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I'd say keep trying different types of food. I have a couple kittens that are a bit picky and would gladly turn down the higher quality stuff (Evolve) for the lower quality food (Whiskas, Friskies, 9 Lives, etc.)
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Just keep trying different ones. Some kitties don't like lumps, some don't like pate, it took me about 8 different brands before I found one our kitties like and will readily eat.
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If they don't like wet, then don't give it to them. My rexes for the last few years have been dry food only. Only after we got Charlie did I go back to adding in canned.

As far as kitten food:

The kittens need that for at least the first 5-6 months (I don't believe in keeping them on longer unless they are really in bad shape and need the extra nutrietion). After that time you can slowly mix in adult food in changing over.

For mom - if she's done nursing, again, slowly add the adult food and reduce the kitten food.

But you'll have to keep them separated so they don't eat each other's foods.
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it has taken me two and half yrs to get Zoey to eat some wet..... WET is healthier and keep trying different one s but dry food for now is just fine
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