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National Heroes

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This question was asked on a gaming forum that I frequent so I thought it would make for an interesting thread here.

Who would you consider to be your country's national hero/heroes?
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1. Martin Luther King Jr ~ For his fight for equal rights.

2. Maya Angelou ~ For bringing poetry back, and for her ability to say the right thing at the right time.

3. Neil Armstrong ~ The man walked on the Moon. That's just cool.

4. Babe Ruth ~ For uniting a country during the Depression. We needed his distraction at a time when we were the most desperate.

5. The Wright Brothers ~ For never ever saying no. People thought they were crazy. Now we complain when our flight is delayed.
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Above all else, George Washington. After winning the War of Independence, he was offered, and could have been king. In his totally selfless interest in the future and welfare of his country, he turned it down. He also retired after two terms as President, when he could have had the office for life, establishing a precedent for limited terms. He unselfishly gave up power, knowing that to keep it would be against all they had fought for.
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I suppose most Finns would say Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim (a statesman and Commander-in-Chief during WWII) is our national hero. Another popular answer would be Väinämöinen (a mythical figure).

I myself don't believe in heroes in the first place, but even less I believe in war heroes. Last fall TV viewers voted for the greatest fictional Finn ever. The winner was Rölli - a troll character in an popular kids' show. I like that a lot better.
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1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
2. Mohammad Ali
3. Eisenhower
4. Martin Luther King
5. Ronald Reagan
6. Our Military
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ghengis khan,, ooh wait wrong country.

many of the founding fathers of this country who risked life and limb,
Abraham Lincoln, who imo faught not only the civil war, but depression but still managed to hold America together.
and on the other side
robert e lee. i have books of many of this letters he had written. i think the man was first class even in losing.

and finally,i think the white man. here was a group of people that had all the power but when showed there where things were wrong and needed fixed started to try and change things. i am not taking away from MLK or the others, I know there are many out there, who go what, the evil white man.
he is the cause of all the worlds problem We dont need him.

but think what if, the most of the powers at the , had slimply killed him at the start, or many of the others who wanted change for what was right thing to do.The heat that was taken for removing segregation in the armed froces,
the first owners who started bring in the black players to to MLB.

sure people will bash that idea, that is common now on the man hating day time TV shows, etc, but really what group of people that had all the power, looked at something and said, that these minortiy groups are right this is not fair, changes need to be made.

i ask again what if these same people, back then refused to give up or admit that something was wrong,what would america be now.
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I think all of the founding fathers were great heroes. Think about it... all of these great men together... working for the same goal... at the same time.
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Tommy Douglas! Universal health Care
Alexander Graham Bell - ever heard of the telephonehttp://www.cbc.ca/greatest/top_ten/n...er-graham.html
Fredrick Banting discovered insulinhttp://www.cbc.ca/greatest/top_ten/n...frederick.html
David Suzuki - global enviromentalist! http://www.cbc.ca/greatest/top_ten/n...uki-david.html
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