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Update needed please....

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Hi all!

Well, since I have been away for so long, I was wondering if you all could bring me up to date on what's been going on with everyone. Anything special happen?

I still don't have too much computer time and I really miss it (and all of you.....) *sniff* I really would like to know what's happening with everyone.

I am almost done my shopping, believe it or not. I have no idea how I have been accomplishing that. Just a couple more gifts to buy and a whole lot of wrapping to do.

Steven (my oldest) has come down with Strepp throat. I think it's great it happened now and not 2 days from now. He is on anti-biotics and they usually kick in in 48hrs, which means he will be fine by Christmas. (This is me, practicing Positive thinking!)

I don't know about others but I am finding that each year the holiday season becomes more stressful. I noticed that hubby and I are snapping at each other for the silliest things. I know both of us are tired and the rushing around to get everything done in time does not help matters. I believe that if we can make it through the holidays in one piece, we are set for life!

My MIL is out and about. I am completely shocked. She was to stay off her foot for 48hrs but was out shopping and, of course....BINGO, in less than 36hrs. Thankfully they fitted her with a walking cast right from the start. Nothing can stop this woman. She's tackling Walmart (Yikes!) tonight. Hey...maybe she is on to something! I'm sure people move out of her way when they get knocked on the knee by a cast.

I really miss chit-chatting with everyone. I think I'll stay logged on as much as I can tonight and just relax.....I feel the need for a Calgon moment and this is it.
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Well, I guess you read that Bod got busted for being on the Cat Site too much! That's the worst news. She will be on from home on occasion, but she's on vacation now. Her boss is going to allow her some online time, but he didn't say when. She asked for more work. I know it can be terribly boring sitting at a desk all day. She's always happy when they have typing for her.

I'm glad to see you back, Ghyslaine. We've missed you. It will be hard, but try to enjoy the spirit of the season.
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Yeah...I read that post. I think it's sad. If I am not mistaken, Bod works the reception. I don't see how this would affect her job. Especially if they are not giving her work to occupy her. I'd understand if her quality of work was suffering but I doubt that's the reason. Sounds more like the IT person has too much time on their own hands to be tracking someone else's computer time.

As for enjoying the holiday season, the joy of having children is that no matter what, they can make you smile. My boys are so excited. The talk these days is Santa Claus. My youngest fears we are going to call Santa on his secret phone is he doesn't behave. (ok...we can only use that reasoning for so long) :LOL:

My oldest stumped me yesterday....On the news, they were mentioning how the donations for toys for the less fortunate was a success. He asked me why people do that and I explained that some families cannot buy toys for their children and that if it was not for donations, their children would have nothing for Christmas (Not a good answer.....) So he looks at me and says "Does that mean Santa does not visit those children?" Ummmmm.... well..... you see,. Honestly, that is what I did. For once I had no answer! With my boys both waiting for an answer, I said "Dear, can you answer this?" My hubby answered as best as he could and Santa was saved once again! I really want them to believe in him as long as they can. It's such a fun childhood memory.
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Hi, Ghys. Same old, same old, here. Rowdy is trashing the tree, Opie is just hanging out, Ike and Pearl spend most of the day racing around the backyard.

Have a good Christmas.
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Whiskers keeps running past me with tinsel hanging off of her. I had to do a quick touch up on the tree earlier tonight. I think she is enjoying herself!

Have a great Christmas also.

P.S. Has Bill started whipping up cookies yet?????
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Ghyslaine!!! It is so good to see you! I have missed you!! I'm not on as much either so I have to play catch-up on weekends alot. I am sorry to hear Steven is sick...hope he gets to feeling better real soon!!! I can see where that would have been a tough question to answer about the Santa thing! How did your husband explain it? I was trying to think what I would have said, and drawing a blank as well!
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Christy and Laurie launched two new websites
In an attempt to help ferals that prowl in the night-
Russian Blue finally captured Nakita in style,
BuNN will be gone, but will be back in awhile.
Bodlover got busted at work- no more Net!
Hissy's hubby lost 100 pds, he's not finished yet!
Heidi restarted the thread Men who are Dreams
And Kimward got a gift that was not what it seemed!
Shell asked for prayer- her mom's under some stress.
Carrie's mom wants a new cat, or so carrie confessed.

Cindy thought it ridiculous Gov. Gary Davis was banned
From a catholic children's home because of a political stand.
Kittycuz posted a sweet little poem-
And Kiwideus is adding a deaf cat to her home!
Carrie thinks ghosts are leaving behind tufts of fur
She swears they are just like Angel's they are black just like hers

LDG posted Samoa found a home with good folk.
Adymarie posted stories and some really good jokes
A mystery member offered a wonderful reward
She'll paint pictures of active posters cats for the board.
Kyttin got a new job with a local vet
And Tigger wants to know "Seen Lord of the Rings yet?"

Kittycuz offered to all a fine Merry Yule.
Thirtysilver posted his views of men with their tools.
BuNN reminded us all that war might be near.
Dragon Lady wants photos of hobbies from folks who are here.

Anne weathered a storm with 60 mile per hour winds
The Christmas Road Trip is on the road again.
JeanieG our Christmas stories, she so wants to hear.
And Sherral is finished wrapping gifts early this year.

Sandi has reached her first 100 posts
And you Whisker's mom wanted to know what you missed most-
So I did a quick recap for you to review
And wanted you to know that we all missed you too!
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Mary Anne...that was awesome! I don't know how you managed to do all of that rhyming, but I was shocked and amazed. Great Job!
Nice to see you back on the board Ghyslaine! We've all missed you around here!
Merry Christmas everyone!
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Hissy's the woman with no time,
but she sure does have the knack to rhyme!

Bravo me lady!

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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That just totally blew me away!!!! That was AWESOME Hissy!!! I could not have remembered all that stuff in a 100 years if I had tried!!! And to make it rhyme even!!!! That was great!!!!!!! I think you should post a condensed version of what all is going on here every would save me alot of time!!! Just kidding!!! :tounge2:
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Thank-you hissy. I've also been away - my chap had to send his computer away to get fixed and we could't get the adsl modem to work in mine - ho hum. I have missed my daily fix. I popped in at work one day, but I don't want to go down the route of Bodlover!
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Thanks you guys- it was fun! Glad I could help cut down on your computer time Debby! Gives you more time to spend with precious Amber. But I will say, this board is busy! LOL
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Hissy - you're too much!!!!

Ghyslaine - miss you!!!!
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Hissy, I am speechless....

From my little home far away
A standing ovation for you, I must say
For each time I requested
Hissy, you gave it your "bestest"
And put a smile on my face that shall stay!

(ok....I'm not a poet, but I did give it a try!!!!)

To "The Best of the Best", Hissy, this title fits you well. Thank you for doing this. It is precious and I agree with Debby, it would be great to have a weekly recap like this all the time!

I miss all you guys too. I am trying to sneak some computer time here and there. It's difficult but I am able to swing by at least once a day now.
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Our thoughts are with you, Ghys. It must be hard for you, especially with the recent loss of your hubby's dad. Keeping you in my heart and prayers,


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Well we miss you Ghys. You can always make us laugh and think! My heart is with you as you sort out your life.

I will be happy to do a weekly recap for the board. It is quite easy for me. Growing up, my mother was head librarian and she used to take me to work with her. I loved all the books of rhyme- especially James Whitcomb Riley, Edgar Guest and Robert Louis Stevenson's stuff.

Besides, Santa brought me a 21" monitor so I can see the whole board in just two scrolls! Time permitting, I will recap on the weekends from now on.
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Thanks for your good thoughts. I keep telling myself that things can only get better from here on. I mean, it has to end sometime, right??

I know that right now, I can feel that I am getting emotionally tired. I have spent the past couple of weeks supporting, talking, crying, helping etc.... (which, by the way, is not a complaint). I know that hubby loves me and I know we will get through all of this but yesteday, he kind of lost it on me because of the way I decorated the tree. He doesn't like it. Anyways....long story short. It's been a hectic week for me. I've been running around trying to get the shopping, wrapping etc....all done in case I have to leave because of my grandmother. So, I did not pay extra attention to my decorating skills and rushed through it. To me, it looks great. To him, he sees everything I forgot to put on the tree PLUS....he figures the tinsel should be put on one at a time. (and I did not do that). So, after he said he did not like the tree. I snapped at him and lost it. Then, I ended up crying for about an hour. Hating Christmas and basically...just hating everything. That's when I realised I am tired, and, with everything he has gone through, so is he. Tonight.....he loves the tree. Go figure. All I see is that we are snapping at each other over the most ridiculous things. I can't wait for our lives to be back to normal.

For me, you guys are my refuge from reality. I can come here and escape, even if it is only for a brief moment. Thank God for that and for all of you.

Hissy, it would be great to have recaps! As long as it's not too much work for you.

Laurie, thanks for the hug. The timing for one is great and much needed.
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Hissy...while I was only joking, a weekly update would be GREAT!!!! But I know you are so busy, so only if you have time, okay? **HUGS**

Ghyslaine, I think that even though the holidays are a wonderful time, we do tend to get very stressed out, especially right towards the end...I know hubby and I are going through some similar problems, it's just our nerves, and snapping at each other sometimes...I'm sure things will get better after the holidays...I will remember you in my prayers tonight...we love you!
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Hey there Gys! Hope that your holidays improve. Same old here - I am fighting off a respiratory infection again. John's mom is so sick she has canceled Christmas. Other then that nothing happening here.
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