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Very clingy cat

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And I do mean VERY clingy. Teddy is going on 2 years old. He's altered and a pain in know what. Teddy started life with his sibilings in a junked up Firebird. He hated me pretty much from day 2. Every single time he smelled me (then saw me) he would non stop hiss and yell. Now that he's been neutered for over a year, he's got clingy. It's been worse then ususal the last few months. Everywhere I am, Teddy is on some part of me. (Like right now, he's laying on my hip!!) I have to shut him out of the bathroom or else he tries to shower with me or sit on me when I sit down. It's so getting on my nerves. I love the fluff ball to pieces but is there a way to get him a bit unclingy? He now thinks he's one of "Mommas Boys". I can't pet or love Jake or Worm without Teddy squeezing between us and pushing my boys away.


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Ya, it's a hard thing to say in a place like this, but sometimes cats DO get on our nerves. It sounds like an anxiety-related behavior. Perhaps there are some behavior modification techniques that'll work. Or medications if they don't. There are a couple pages on clingy, needy cats in Wendy Christensen's book "Outwitting Cats" but nothing I could easily condense into a post. There might be something in one or another of Pam Johnson-Bennett's books, but a quick scan of the indexes didn't yield anything. Of course, "clingy" isn't exactly an official diagnosis, so it's not surprising it's not in the index. There were some interesing-looking articles when I googled "clingy needy cat" so maybe that's a good source for info.
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