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Low cost clinic

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Hello all, new here.

I currently have three strays on my property. I feed them, pet them, etc. They are becoming quite tame, and I am able to pick the females up and carrying them around for short periods without them struggling badly.

There are two females and one male. The females had kittens in May, and I now have them to find homes for as well. I plan to get the adults fixed, and will pay regular vet prices if I need to, but I was hoping to find a low cost neuter program within a 4 hour or so driving distance. I live in south western ontario, about 1.5 hours north of windsor. Across from Algonac (sp?) michigan. Does anyone know of any? It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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thats so wonderful that you are taking these sweeties under your wing.

thank you for that.

by socializing them you have a better chance at finding them homes
if that is what you end up doing.

here is a link to some low cost spay neuter.... hope it helps !! good luck !

same website


scroll down to see Canada info....
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