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Get better vibes for Karma

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Karma has an upset tummy tonight. Its nothing to warrent a vet visit. She threw up a hair ball this afternoon ans ever since has just not felt very good. Plus its very hot in our apartment, we get no wind where we live so the heat just sits even with the multiple fans we have.

So her tummy hurts, shes hot, does not want to eat(she is still drinking so I know she is not dehydrateed), does not want to play or anything. She does still gives love and kisses though. Oh yea and she won't stop farting, and its not pleasent.

She is sleaping now on the couch and looks very sad. Can I get some feel better soon vibes for my little girl.
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Oh tons of for poor hot Karma!
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Awww, bless her heart... stretch out on a cool tile floor, little one... that always makes our Sassy feel better when it's warm.
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Poor little sweetie

Lots of get well for karma!
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Many get better vibes for Karma ...How is she doing now?
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Poor baby! It is so hard to watch our babies not feeling well, they look so sad and helpless. Feel better, little one.
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Poor baby. Sending some cooling, healing vibes her way!
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Awww, poor hot gassy Karma! I know how you feel girlie...

Have you tried giving her something cool to lay on? When it gets unbearable in our third floor flat, I wrap a cold pack (or one of those plastic things you freeze and stick in the cooler) in a thin towel and put it on the floor. Usually they will lay on it once they figure out it's cold.

I also remember someone saying they put a cutting board in the freezer and let the kitties lay on it?
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Feel better
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For Karma
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Awww, poor Karma..sending many for her
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Aw, I hope she feels better and it cools down soon.
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How is Karma feeling today?
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