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I finally got pictures of the deer! (mom w/baby)

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There's a lot of white-tailed deer around here and every spring there's a fawn or two! This mother & her baby are frequent visiters to our backyard, but whenever I'm prepared to take a picture they run into the woods again!

Today when I was watching Maury, I spotted the two of them in the driveway, so I finally got to shoot them... With the camera of course!!

Oh and I'll also throw in the two bucks, sorry for the poor quality, they were pretty far away and I had to resize it in paint.

Aren't they beautiful? I just love deer!
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Oh great pics!!! I love deer! DH and I saw a buck and a doe the other day but I was too slow getting my camera out. We were driving on some back roads that went through a small wooded area.
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Oops, sorry for posting thing in the wrong forum! I forgot about the 'other animals' section.
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Great pics! I love deer...I think they are just magical. There's just something about them that makes me want to turn everything off and I could watch them for hours.

We had a family in our backyard tonight, briefly...3 does (looked like 1 full grown, 2 yearlings and a fawn) and they were just enjoying themselves. Then, our dogs saw them out the back window. I didn't even have a chance to get pics before they were scared off by their barking.

My morning routine when I come out of the bedroom is pour coffee and check for deer.
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Aww, great pics! Deer are so pretty.
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We saw more deer today, but I couldn't get the camera out fast enough! There was a different doe with two fawns! I love having the deer around, they're a joy to watch. The little ones are so full of character! They run in circles, kicking the air and trying to get their mothers to play with them, so fun to see! I'll have to get it on video sometime.
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I also love deer!!!

Those pics are super!!
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They are so cute!

Love the pics!
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Beautiful pictures! When I lived in NJ, our back yard bordered woods. We always had an abundance of wild animals visiting. There was one mama deer who'd come year after year. We could almost hand feed her - she'd walk right up to us.

We also had wild turkeys, pheasants, groundhogs, raccoons, and even a big black bear come visit us a couple times. I miss that - we dont see any of that here and my parents dont have any wild animals except rabbits at their house in NC.
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oh my! what beautiful pictures! thank you for sharing them!
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Thanks everyone! If I get any more good pics of them, I'll post them here too.
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One of the does was stealing some beans from the garden! I got a pic before we scared her off.

She didn't go far, she stopped to munch on some grass under the apple tree.

Then she went to hide in the tall grass.

The two babies were in the backyard the other day, but my camera batteries were dead.
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Hmm.. Those might be a little too big, I'll go resize them.
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