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In sympathy and sorrow

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Many of you, I suspect, do not know me (or know me to the extent that we can in our fragmented world). I have been away for some time, and, likely, will be away for some time again.

I will not pretend that I do not have the time to read through the posts I have missed in the Blue Room. I would, were I strong enough, make time. And I apologise, deeply, sincerely, for my weakness.

My thoughts and prayers go with all of you left to bear the guilt and grief alone.

And to those who are beyond all such worries: god speed over Rainbow Bridge - look down in love on those who miss you.

In profound grief, yours,
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Thank you for your thoughtful post. I too, sometimes have trouble coming in here and reading these posts, because every time it reminds me of my own posts in here when I lost my dear Alley and its so very hard.

I do try though, because I know that just being here to offer support is the only thing I can do for anyone going through that same grief.
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I come here every time I come to the cat site, it is very hard, but I have been through the same thing that everyone here is posting about.

I did not have a cat, but I went through the same thing with our beloved Sambo.

If any word I say can make someone feel a little better, then that is what I am gonna do.

I know and understand how their heart is breaking. I know that they would do anything they could to have their precious pet back.

So I come here just to try and make someone just a little bit happy.
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