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Snickers had her puppies!!!

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Yep, I'm now a grandma! She had 7 (which I'm glad, because she came from a litter of 13!) There are two that are the spitting image of Snickers (chocolate color with white spots on their chest), 1 pure black from what I can tell, 1 black w/ a white stripe that runs from his chest to the middle of his belly, and 3 grey with black spots. That was the coloring of the father, and he was absolutely gorgeous!

I thought yesterday when I left for work that it was "the day". Normally, she is ready to go outside anytime, but yesterday she didn't want to, except the first time to do her business. Chip (hubby) came home from work to 5 puppies! Snickers ate a little bit, cleaned, nursed, then started prancing around like she wanted to go out. He let her out and called his mom to let her know she was a great-grandma...and looked at the door and she was there with another puppy in her mouth! That was around 3:00pm.

I came home at 6:00, met the puppies, congratulated Snickers...she ate, took a nap and was quiet while I was making dinner. We sat down to eat around 7:00. Snickers came out and wanted attention. She seemed very calm, just wanting petting and to be with us...the next thing we know she just starts howling and start to arch her back....and she had the last one right on the carpet (the pure black one)! I did manage to get a towel under her to catch the last one, so not too much of a mess. I think it took her by surprise too!

She is just such a good mother, it amazes me! She in only about a year old, but she knows exactly what to do. Buttercup (our pug...they were inseparatable) is so curious, and Snickers will play with her when she is out of "her" room, but let Buttercup get to close to the puppies, Snickers just starts growling.

I didn't get a chance to take pictures yet. We had out of town company that just left today, but I will get some soon and post, I promise!

Thanks for all the great replies on my last thread. I'm very new to dogs! I think my house is REALLY going to be a zoo in a few weeks!
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Aww, congratulations on a healthy and safe delivery! Looking forward to pictures!!
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Yeah for a happy delivery
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That is GREAT Waiting for pics now
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I am glad everything went well and I hope you get her spayed after she is done weaning the pups and I hope you find them all good homes and fix them before they leave to their new homes if you can.
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I'm glad everything went well! I hope all the puppies find loving homes.
-Waits for Pictures-
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