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Kittens in bad shape

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I got knew foster kittens from the local human society. There are four of them. One of the kittens is clearly much older than the others and I am positive it is not part of this litter.
The 3 other kittens are in horrible condition..they are malnourished..there faces look like tiny skeletons with skin. There eyes look so bugged out.
I am feeding them KMR and they are lapping it up, I tried gruel also and they ate that to. They are eating so fast and begging for more.
They were so dirty and there hair was matted, I had to cut alot off after I gave them a bath. They got there first dose of Advantage plus.
Here is what I am concerned about, I can tell they are very gassy, I can hear it in there bellies, they have loose poop, but they are just going after feedings..not all the timie..I am sure that will harden up once they get use to eating again. There bellies are swollen...or maybe it is that they are full and there so skinny, that there bellies look huge. What can I do to help them with the gassy belly..I am sure they are uncomfotable...When I hold them and play a little I can smell them tooting. They were dewormed already to.
Any ideas?? I will post pics of these babies tomorrow!
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I can't help, other than to say, see a vet. The poor little things. How old do you think they are?
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Sometimes, the deworming meds will give them gas ... you can try to gently massage their little bellies to help them pass it if you can stand it. *wink*

Bless your heart for helping these little ones.
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Were they dewormed in the last few days? If so, that is probably what is causing the gas. I took in a kitten that I thought was literally going to explode a few days after he was dewormed. I called the vet and she said that the deworm medicine also causes gas to help the kittens get the worms out of their system. Sure enough, it went down soon, after live worms crawled out of his bottom (and into my lap). I would find out when they were dewormed, and call the vet to see if that is the cause, but I betting that is it.

If it doesn't get any better, call the vet.
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Also a side note, if a cat has a bad infestation of intestinal worms, more than one round of medication may be needed. If you do not see improvement within 3 days of giving wormer, I would call the vet, take up a fresh stool sample, and see if another wormer or other medication may be needed. Bless you for fostering the babies.
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Attachment 12449

Attachment 12450The kittens are doing ok. One has very loose poops. All , but one belly has gone down..Keep burping him and boy can he burp!!
What can i do for the one with loose poopies!
They are not so crazy when they eat now..the've calmed down a little. There not growling and laying in the middle of the dish anymore! Makes such a mess with long hair kittens. The Tortie has a URI and has been on anitbiotics for 4 days now. I still hear the congestion in her chest, but she is VERY playful! Is she still contagious?
I am also a little concerned about the eyes on the black and white one, why do they seem to buldge so much? He is playful and eats..he is only 8 ounces.
Hopefully they will all do good and get good homes? I will be a basket case once again.I miss my first foster babies so much...gonna go see them in a few days. I gave them back on Monday!! I got so attached!
Heres some pics
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Aww, they are so cute!!!
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For the loose stool, you can make up a mixture of boiled plain chicken and white rice and feed that for a couple of days to bind things up.

Boil plain chicken breast (I use the tenders if I have those) in plain water, no salt or seasonings. Retain the water. Boil plain, long-cooking white rice until done. Place the chicken in a food processor or blender along with the rice (in equal portions) and add retained water from the chicken, processing until you have a smooth paste, not runny, not dry.

Feed this in small amounts several times per day until the stool firms. Keep leftovers in the 'fridge or freeze and use as needed.

Do not use pork or beef, especially not hamburger. Way too heavy and greasy for recovering litle systems to tolerate. You can substitute turkey for the chicken.
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Thanks for the great advice! I made the chicken and rice . They are gobbling it up,,,the tiny one was growling. Was nice to see he is a little fiesty.
I also got pedialyte and I am giving them (by syringe) a little every few hours.
Hopefully this will perk the little one up, she is so tiny, but did gain 2 ounces since Monday, so I guess this is good. He is now 8 ounces. I still worry about his eyes though..they stick out so far. I started him on kitty eye meds, he was a little goopy. They will go for a recheck to the vet this week..I want them to settle in here, the move seemed to have traumatized them. Who knows what these poor babies have been through.
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Oh they are beautiful!!!!!

Good luck, I hope they get nice and healthy soon!!!
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I agree with what the others have posted here about gas and worms. You should keep an eye out to make sure they no longer have worms. Any that you see should be dead from the meds. If they have any live ones coming out of their butts (yech) they will likely need to be treated again.

What a saint you are to be doing this. I have 8 upstairs in my foster room too right now, but mine did not come all matted and sick. I am a little worried about worms for mine too except I haven't seen any yet. Anyhow you sound like you are right on top of the situation!
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