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Christmas Shopping & Wraping!

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I am all done! I will not be in a Walmart again intill 1/2003 ,People are nuts,this time of the year!No parking,long lines,rude people!I don't need it! Anyone else done?
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I wait until early in the morning to shop. or very late for the places that are open late.
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The walmart here is crazy also. I just hate it when I am trying to get something from the shelf but there are people standing in front of the shelf talking away. Its rude! I usually wait til early morning before going shopping as its a little bit quieter then.

I cant wait til Christmas is over!
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A few years ago I worked as a cashier at Shopko which is similiar to Walmart. One good thing I noticed about Christmas shopping was that people checking out were more organized and more ready to pay for their items than they were normally because they had a sense of urgency.

BTW, I bought and wrapped my last Christmas gift yesterday!! Yipee!!!!!
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Bought and wrapped the last one, a week ago, Friday. It was unplanned. I thought that I was through but, that shirt sale at Western Warehouse was too good to pass up!

I DID go to a mall, yesterday. Last year, I bought a dated "Our First Christmas" ornament and I wanted a special one, for this year. The Hallmark store had some nice stuff. I bought a dated photo frame ornament and put a picture of Bill and me in it. They, also, had "Cool Cat" and "Top Dog" photo ornaments. I bought two of each and put my fuzzies' pictures in them. Next year, I guess that I'll have to buy ones for the babies' first Christmas.
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Hubby has yet to begin his shopping. He normally hits the stores on the 24th and wraps all night long.

I have some left and all the stocking stuffer. I still have quite a bit of wrapping to do.

*sigh* Next year I'll be ready early!
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There's a large, nicely wrapped present, with my name on it and something has, magically, appeared in my stocking.

Could it be that Bill, a MAN, got his shopping done BEFORE Dec. 24th?
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