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Vibes please.....

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Trav's stepmom is undergoing surgery tomorrow so I was wondering if you guys could spare some awesome TCS vibes that everything turns out okay. I get upset when loved ones undergo surgery.

On the other hand, his sister is also coming in from San Fran via car tomorrow as well so some travel vibes for her would be great!

Thanks guys....
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Many Vibes for Trav's family
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Sending many for her
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Vibes headed your way. I hope all goes well for Trav's step mother.
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You've got ours.
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Prayers for both of them!
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Many, many, many vibes for the both of them

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whizzing over from Spain

and lots of soothing hugs for you !
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Sending good travel vibes and best wishes for a smooth surgery and recovery.
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Many vibes heading your way!!!
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Aww, *sending lots of positive vibes to Trav's Family*
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Sending nothing but GOOD vibes
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Thanks guys. They took her in at about 11:15am here and they said it shouldn't take longer than 3 hours. I will let you know any updates.
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Thinking of your family and sending good thoughts...
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How did the surgrey go?
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Everything was fine, She went in about 11am and got out at about 3:45pm our time. It went longer than expected but well. We talked to her last night and she was definately drugged up on morphine but this morning she has to have a test done to see if everything went alright and she may be home by tomorrow.

Thanks for all the good vibes!
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That is great news. I am glad everything went well!
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Originally Posted by adymarie View Post
That is great news. I am glad everything went well!
Thanks. I am very glad too. I was worried all day yesterday that it was taking so long....
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