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My House =D

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Hey you guys...

So when I moved into my first apartment, it was in... August '06 I do believe. It was cheap and a decent size with a nice view, but the manager was rude and crude and the neighbors (they moved there in November) were horrendous... It wasn't so terrible before "THEM". Playing their rap music all night long, shouting and banging on doors and getting drunk and being fairly obnoxious. I tried to ignore it, and didn't complain for a while, but I knew in the long run, moving out would be best. I wasn't getting enough sleep (I start work at 6:00 am) and the cats were slightly perturbed. I complained to the manager and he said that nobody else was disturbed (which I seriously doubt) and that "a small amount of noise" was not against the renter's contract. So I found this much, much, much nicer little house about 13 miles outside the city limits that we moved into in February. (Gas is more expensive, yes, but it' worth it!) It's much more peaceful and quiet, and our nearest neighbors are about 1/4 away, and seem to be nice people. It's a definite improvement from the yucky apartment... Elliott has a nice big yard to run around in and we have shady trees and hills that kind of surround us so it feels nice and isolated from civilization. (Can you tell I'm not exactly a "social" person? )I'm kind of proud of it and Elliott, Mattie & Toby and me are very happy. I was looking over the blue-prints and happened to find the floor plan number. So I found it on the Internet to show ya'll... Check it out!
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Your house is very nice!

But please tell me are me you are not posting your address on a public forum.
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It is a great house!

I believe the house plan is called Piney Creek, not the address?
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I think you're right, it's the plans only.
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
Your house is very nice!

But please tell me are me you are not posting your address on a public forum.
I think 420 Piney Creek may be the house plans stock #?
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Oh, Lordy! Heavens, no, I would never post my address on an online forum! That is just the floor plan #... And thanks you guys! I really love it, it's nice and cozy and secure, and fairly isolated from... icky... people...
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What a lovely house! Isn't homeownership great? You don't have to answer to a landlord, you own property, and you can paint the walls any danged color you want! (And, don't forget your Federal income tax mortgage interest deduction on your next year's taxes!)

I lived with my parents all my life until about 4 years ago, then got an apartment. Boy, did I miss having a real yard and a garden! I am not cut out for apartment living. I hated hearing the roomies above me arguing every day--and then, one brought her bf over to spend Christmas--and their bedroom was right above MY bedroom...use your imagination here. The apartment never felt like home. I knew we were going to buy a house when the year's lease was up, so I didn't bother really decorating--and it was my first place, so that was frustrating. It was a nice enough apartment, and I felt pretty safe there, but I just like having a single-family home. I'll never forget the excitement!
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It's great, Congratulations
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That's a really lovely home. COVET COVET COVET
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What a perfect little house! I love the dormer windows bringing light to the loft... and what a great open space up there, to use any way you like! It's a great floorplan!
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Wow, what a lovely little home you have! I'm glad you're enjoying country living.
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What a cute house! What exactly is a sleeping loft though? Does it over look an area of the main floor?
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Margecat: Tax reductions rock! And that was totally right, it was never really "home" to me, it didn't feel right, and it was really obnoxious, no peace and privacy. I like this sooooo much better...

Noludoru: Actually, I've lived in the country all my life. My daddy always had a couple thousand acres where he ran a herd of cattle and we always had horses, as he was a farrier and Mom did physical therapy on horses. It's great, I love it!

Natalie_ca: It's just a little sort of "hall" outside of the bedroom where you can look down over the railing and into the living room below. You can put some furniture or an extra cot there if you like...

CarolPetunia: I know, I feel very fortunate to have found it, it's an excellent little floorplan, big enough for me and my little crew, but cozy.

Belle713: Thanks!


Thanks everybody!
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What a lovely house! And so nice that all of you are enjoying it. Peace is priceless! Congratulations!
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Congrats on the new house,it looks great
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Very very cool!!! That looks very relaxing!!!
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I think joining this site is the best decision I have made on the computer... You guys are so great and supportive and generous!

And it is nice to come home to a nice neat little house where I can just kick back and... Wait! I have cats!! Kick back and relax?! I don't think so! But it is very very nice... Toby has taken to laying on this puffy quilted table runner I put on the mantle... That's his "hot spot".
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Oooh... prettyful...
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